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Roger on his media blitz

28.11.2011 | Off Court, Starseite 3

Trail Roger as he completes all his post-match media commitments after his victory last night.

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11/28/2011 | 06:49 PM
Ok I saw it again and I have to say that I LOOOOVE TO SEE THAT SMILE ON YOUR FACE!!! I love to see you that happy!!! ;D love your sense o humor! I feel identified!! and also I felt like I was walking by your side and thats soooo cute!! you GOAT!!
11/28/2011 | 06:42 PM
Man, you do work hard!
11/28/2011 | 06:32 PM
Dear Roger
Thank you for this video! Very nice one and shows just your personality! You are the GREAT MAN Roger, nobody can be compared. And, yes you are so kind with the media! You are the Man of manners! There are not a lot of such people in general! You are the GOAT! We are so proud of your achievements, so proud and happy being your fans!
I thank God to enable me to be a part of your ERA! Dear God learned me to distinguish the best in everything. In tennis, YOU ARE THE BEST.
Love, Mimi
11/28/2011 | 06:27 PM
11/28/2011 | 06:21 PM
I loooved this video! you should make like a little "realyty" of you!! We are curious to know more about you!! ;o) It's incredible all you have to do right after you got the trophy!! ;o) Have an amazing rest baby! We'll be waitting for you! Do not dissapear please!!! And congratulations for all your achievements!! No one like you deserve them!! kisses
11/28/2011 | 06:13 PM
amazing Roger! You are so nice and patient with the media... many of them don't deserve it! They are rude and think only of themselves (how to sell more papers & get more web traffic).

Thanks for this cute video :)
11/28/2011 | 06:09 PM
Great!!! Congratulations Roger!!! GO!!!
11/28/2011 | 05:12 PM
Thanks for sharing this with your fans, it is nice to be able to get a glimpse of your personality; such patience and ever good mooded! I will show it to my son so he can be inspired by you. And again congratulations Roger, I am still thinking of the match and the unbelievable way you won it, you so deserved that trophy. Have a good rest and some well deserved holidays!
11/28/2011 | 05:02 PM
Keep CooL
i lov you
11/28/2011 | 05:01 PM
This is very entertaining :):)) I am a student of journalism... I hope, ı can interview with Roger, in the future :)
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