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Roger suffers clear defeat

30.12.2011 | Tennis, Starseite 1

Six of the world's best players are getting ready for the 2012 season at an exhibition in Abu Dhabi this week.

After a first round bye, Roger played Novak Djokovic in the semi-final today. After a tight opening, Djokovic soon began to settle into his stride and pulled away with a break of serve, before winning nine straight games. Unfortunately, Roger found no answer, letting the Serb streak away to a clear 2-6, 1-6 victory.  

The season will officially start next week, as Roger opens the new year by defending his Doha title.

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12/30/2011 | 09:04 PM
Hi Champion!!!

In victory or defeat great you are, all champions also have bad times, his talent and skill are natural and not because you lost the game today that it changes, you're ever talented and capable. All the best always!!! :)


12/30/2011 | 08:27 PM
It's funny what people says...well I think you are a human being and don't have to win eeeeverything!! for me the most important thing soon is AO..., I'm your new fan and I'd looove to see you winning a GS! you gave us a lot of happiness in the last tournaments, so now please enjoy & have an amazing New Year's eve and rest for what's coming! respect & love! =o)
12/30/2011 | 07:33 PM
Hi Rog, I watched the match and you played really bad. You should improve a lot for Doha and Australian Open..
Please Champ concentrate more in the game!!!
Happy New year for you and your Family!!
With love from Spain
12/30/2011 | 07:24 PM
Roger bro,
Although it was practice for 2012 but you must know that when you are playing vs world #1, then you must show your effort.
12/30/2011 | 07:21 PM
Good training Roger , Focus on Grand slams ! ! !
Let's GO GO GO ! ! !
20th Grand slams this year will be great :))))
12/30/2011 | 07:21 PM
Boldog Új Évet és jó kezdeteket:)) Szivből kivánom!!
12/30/2011 | 07:19 PM
Ne keseredj el Roger!!C'moooon Doha!! Cimvédés kell:))
Nagyon szurkolunk Neked!!
12/30/2011 | 07:13 PM
dont be sad Roger take it as it if was a practice match and get ready for Doha and Australian open:).............I wish you happy 2012 full of championships
12/30/2011 | 07:02 PM
Nice to see you back on court again, Roger! That defeat was nothing. I say bring it on in the AO! Happy 2012 to you and your family!
12/30/2011 | 06:50 PM
Hi, Roger
Is this embarrassing defeat just a bad day or something more serious time will tell, but Novak continues with great games.
I do not know what's that on your face and it bothers you, but I hope that you're healthy, and that you will have a good season with at least one conquered gs title.
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