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Roger suffers clear defeat

30.12.2011 | Tennis, Starseite 1

Six of the world's best players are getting ready for the 2012 season at an exhibition in Abu Dhabi this week.

After a first round bye, Roger played Novak Djokovic in the semi-final today. After a tight opening, Djokovic soon began to settle into his stride and pulled away with a break of serve, before winning nine straight games. Unfortunately, Roger found no answer, letting the Serb streak away to a clear 2-6, 1-6 victory.  

The season will officially start next week, as Roger opens the new year by defending his Doha title.

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12/30/2011 | 05:49 PM
If we learned anything from 2010 and 2011 is that Roger peaks at indoor tournaments only he can't seem to win anything these days I hope he really learns from this match and goes to another level when playing both Rafa and novak.
12/30/2011 | 05:46 PM
Good, i'm glad to hear you haven't been practicing. This tournament came quite quickly after London and i was afraid you would only take off a couple weeks before starting to train again.
12/30/2011 | 05:43 PM
It's just an exho. Good to get the wake-up call this week rather than next. I'm confident that Roger's momentum from the fall of 2011 and preparation the last few weeks will pay off.
12/30/2011 | 05:39 PM
i was expecting a loss , actually was waiting for it !!!!!

it is a good preparation to meet nole pre-season , meanwhile it is more important to hide your potential threat untill the right time , which is offcourse not now :)
12/30/2011 | 05:30 PM
Just an exhibition so we all know you're not going to knock yourself out. Enjoy your match against Rafa tomorrow. Looking forward to seeing the official start of your 2012 season in Doha. Happy New Year champ, love as always, xxxxx
12/30/2011 | 05:19 PM
Wish u all the best n good luck in 2012 :D
12/30/2011 | 05:15 PM
No worries, champ. Didn't see the match. But let's kick butt next week in Doha!!! :)
12/30/2011 | 05:13 PM
All the best for the official season, I'm sure you'll rule!! :-)
Love you Roger!!!
12/30/2011 | 05:09 PM
ouch !
12/30/2011 | 04:59 PM
good to see your 2012 outfit !! Love it.
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