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A great trip

07.10.2006 | Off Court



Earlier on this week, I told you guys how beautiful the trees were around the lake in the Imperial Palace where I played tennis with the Crown Prince of Japan. Yesterday evening after my match, I went and had a quick look around the shops and came across a nice bonsai tree. The bonsai has always been one of my favourites, so I thought I would take picture for you guys to see. It is just amazing how meticulous and harmonious the Japanese are in everything they do.


After yesterday's typhoon, we were greeted with beautiful weather today, so I practiced outside before my match which helped my preparation. We played with an open roof and once again the stadium was packed. The fans have been really great here all week.


I was very happy with the way my semifinal match went and I am really excited to be playing in my first final in Japan tomorrow. I arrived here five days before my first match and was really hoping for a good result, now I am only one win away from claiming my first title in Japan in what I am sure will be a tough match.


I think the trip has been really worthwhile as I am getting to see and know many people and places but before recapping what has been happening here this week, I would like to let you know about my plans for the rest of the season.


I am going to play the ATP Masters Series event in Madrid, then Basel, my hometown event, and then the ATP Masters Series Paris tournament, before going to Shanghai to play in the Tennis Masters Cup. Everything is going according to the schedule and I really hope that the indoor season will bring me as much success as at the beginning of my year. Unfortunately I was injured the last two years and had to miss those events so I am very motivated to play there again.

After the Tennis Masters Cup it is the off season for the players, except for those in the Davis Cup final. While the final is on, I will be off for my annual vacation which I am really looking forward to because the season has been long and tough and I definitely need a break at the end of the year to rest and relax.


Before I left for the match yesterday, I was in the room on the computer and I was surfing the internet for nice vacation spots. I was wondering where to go.  As you fans are from a lot of different cities and countries around the world, I am sure you might have a personal experience or some more advice for me as to where I could spend a relaxing time with Mirka. Although this season has been great, I must admit, that come November, I will be in need for a serious break.

After my vacation I will be getting ready for next season by working on my fitness and playing tennis with Tony Roche for about two weeks. Then it is off to defend my Australian Open title.


Sayonara and speak to you after the final tomorrow.



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10/10/2006 | 08:03 PM
Dear Roger,
Congratulation for a win in Japan. For vacation in December, best place in the world is Zakopane in Poland. On that time of the year winter is fantastic there, with lot of fun. It is good thing to spend sometime in cool place, before going
10/10/2006 | 05:23 AM
roger federer: thx for your amazing show of tennis skill (this time in tokyo) & your humanity! you played some amazing shots again this tournament.

vacation idea: altho i've visited many beautiful places in the world, (including your fair city of basel
10/10/2006 | 05:08 AM
roger federer: thx for your amazing show of tennis skill (this time in tokyo) & your humanity! you played some amazinh shots again this tournament.

vacation idea: altho i have visited many beautiful parts of the world, (including your fair city of base
10/09/2006 | 02:48 PM
Hi Roger,
I think Thailand is very nice place yu have to visit. As u had some experiences in Thailand but I think you still miss some beautifil place in the south of Thailand eg Phi Phi Island, Krabi , or Trang ..
there r a beutiful and peace beach that
10/09/2006 | 03:33 AM
Hullo Roger, I wonder if you'll be able to see this post? Since you're looking for a vacation spot, I'd like to recommend Cebu here in the Philippines, particularly Shangri-La Mactan Island Resort & Spa (http://www.shangri-la.com/cebu/mactanisland/en/inde
10/09/2006 | 12:51 AM
hi master!!!
im a huge fan!!!!!
come to brazil.... u will love rio de janeiro..
the beaches, the sea.. u will relax... trust me!! please come to here!!! my dream is to meet you =)
byee and i'll see u soon
10/08/2006 | 08:45 PM
thank you roger for anothter blog we really love to read it. keep on doing it thank you
10/08/2006 | 07:41 PM
HI Roger! Your true South African supporter here! Glad you are enjoying yourself and all the best for the final - I have faith in you! Can't wait to watch you at Wimbledon next year!
10/08/2006 | 07:40 PM
Hi Roger,

Congratulation on your win today at Japan.
Consider a visit to Vietnam, my home country, for your vacation. Vietnam is a poor but amazingly beautiful tropical country. In addition, it will be something different, an oriental lifestyle and
10/08/2006 | 07:17 PM
Hi Roger! You played really well this week! I'm so happy for you-you deserve to win all these matches and tournaments that you play. Good luck for the rest of the matches that you will play. And for your holidays: I'm from Slovenia and it's really beautif
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