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Wilson video

15.01.2012 | Off Court, Starseite 3

Here is a nice video from my partners at Wilson which describes my long relationship with them and their rackets.

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07/23/2012 | 11:34 AM
Lovely.... Thanx for this
02/05/2012 | 01:53 PM
Nice!! Thanks for directing us to this, Roger.
01/23/2012 | 02:25 AM
Tennis shoes are very important on the courts, I agree! Especially for unique players, and generally all tour players. I am glad that Wilson and you, Roger, together find what works best, because your footwork is not only amzing, but astoundingly effecting, and your movements are helped by them, although that Is your own athletic/body proportioinality, and how you align yourself with the ball that looks as though you are floating. Enjoyed seeing this!
01/20/2012 | 01:43 PM
Nice relationship
01/20/2012 | 06:19 AM
Saw you whip Karlopvic tonight. Roger you are looking and playing great!! I know you will win the Australian Open. I have no fears that you wil lnot. Godspeed my dear dear Roger!!!!!
01/20/2012 | 04:30 AM
Great commercial, as always everything you do is the best. Keep the spirit alive, tennis is rated "e" for EVERYONE because of you Roger.

Don't know what the fuss is about the schedule, was it not the same when you held the reins? It's high time we allow young people to work for their keep in life. It was not a bed of roses for you, you set a goal and worked towards it and more..........

2012.... The year of harvest. Reap bountiful rewards of the seeds of faith you sowed in 2011.
01/19/2012 | 02:49 PM
Hi Rog, Enjoy all your commercials, but just love (not allowed to mention the sponser!!!)Air Guitar and the other one with all the tennis balls, with Rhys Darby, brillant!!!!!, you must have great fun making them, actually your not a bad actor! actually quite good!!!, but then again, you have many talents.
01/19/2012 | 05:35 AM
Great, I use Wilson racquet also.
01/18/2012 | 07:02 PM
My son, Bera, is a big fan... Brilliant video. Best of luck with AO as if you need it...
01/18/2012 | 01:51 AM
It's a very nice video. You're like a punk with the blonde color. I like your brown color.
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