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Driving in Melbourne

25.01.2012 | Off Court, Starseite 3

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02/13/2012 | 12:29 PM
Never get enough your smile, Roger! Wish you the best in Rotterdam!
02/01/2012 | 06:02 AM
That was just Lindor-able! Thanks for posting it. It means so much to your fans to see first hand how much you appreciate all the gifts you are given. :-)
01/31/2012 | 05:11 PM
LOVE IT !! :)
01/31/2012 | 01:59 PM
I love that you have this giant people-mover Merc, lol. I half expect it to have kiddie car seats in the back, such a daddy car! <3
01/31/2012 | 07:33 AM
WHOOAAAAAAAAAAA What are all these car coming towards me?? Oh crap, I'm on the wrong side of the road!
01/30/2012 | 08:31 PM
Mmmm, I love these little titbits...... Thank you, Roger. Feel free to come to UK to drive on the left for more practice, we'll be looking out for you.......

Good luck with the next tourney!!!
01/30/2012 | 06:56 PM
I love seeing you smile, Roger. I feel a little bit quilty because I wanted to see the Nadal and Djok match go on forever just so they could be sooooo sore and need a long while to recover. I always thought Nadal was a decent person until I read the article on him talking bad about you. The way he plays puts him into his injuries and he only has himself to blame. As for Djok, I never liked him. He is one arogant person. Neither one of them will ever be as good or classy as you are.
01/30/2012 | 11:07 AM
Great video, its very nice.Good lucky in your nexts tournaments. i´ll be always supporting to you. God bless to you roger.
01/30/2012 | 03:13 AM
So Adorable you are!! Love to see you happy and smiling! Please Roger, do not give in to Nadal or the Djok, you are the better player! Nadal did not win the match, you gave it to him with your errors. You are superior in every aspec, including and most important, you are a true class champion. You represent what tennis has been, a classy sport, not a bull fight. Please remember who you are when you are playing! You are ROGER FEDERER, the greatest of all time!! Believe! Your fans do!! ♥♥♥
01/29/2012 | 12:24 PM
hey i wanted 2 watch u drive fed.ur car is so damn awesome n pretty and wow!!!!!!!!!! i just loved it.hope 2 take a ride wid u once hahahaha!!!!!!!
your biggest fan
i love you<3<3<3 :) :>
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