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Out against Rafa

26.01.2012 | Tennis, Starseite 2

Roger suffered a 7-6(5), 2-6, 6-7(5), 4-6 loss against Rafael Nadal in the semi-final of the Australian Open today. It was an incredibly intense match, offering the spectators a true tennis-spectacle. 

Roger started perfectly into duel no. 27 with Nadal, breaking the Spaniard in his first service game. But and only a few sloppy points at 4-2 gave Nadal enough room to find back into the set. But Roger managed to take the first tiebreak only a bit later. In the second set, Roger lost his rhythm, giving Nadal plenty of room for a total of three breaks. Our champ then saved a set point in the 11th game of the third set, eventually forcing a tiebreaker. After three unforced errors on Roger's side, Nadal clinched the set on his last of five set points. In set number four, an early break on Nadal's side was enough for him to seal his victory after 3:42 hours.


"I thought Rafa played well from start to finish," Roger said. "It was a tough match physically as well. I'm disappointed, but it's only the beginning of the season. I'm feeling all right, so it's OK."

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02/02/2012 | 11:27 PM
Roger has forced all 2 handed back-handers to develop a one-handed slice to deal with his own slice. He has evolved everyone's game. I feel the Master would benefit from evolving his own game even further and employing a two-hander against Nadal. With his talent he would master the stroke over the weekend!
02/02/2012 | 07:02 PM
DEAR sinkronist,

Ha! Ha! Xcellent!

Silk & Sweet Sledge Hammer, eh? Nice

02/02/2012 | 06:22 PM
attack nadal's backhand!
02/02/2012 | 03:51 PM
Though I don't like to believe it, even Vijay Amritaraj was telling about 'mental block' against Nadal. Then I thought about the physical game Nadal plays. King always plays like king with the soldier/s. I would also like to praise the 'Djoker' winning against him 7 in a row and to hear from Roger about that... Whether you win or lose you are great to watch and bliss in win.
02/02/2012 | 11:41 AM
I saw the SF and felt that roger was rushing a bit too much to finish the rallies. he missed a lot of forehands on key points and even after breaking Nadal in the fourth set, he missed a very good opportunity to hold serve and take the match to 5th set. I felt Roger had a great chance to win this match Roger is the only one against whom Djokovic is tentative notwithstanding his win in US SF. anyway better luck next time roger. we are all hoping to see you win one more GS.
02/02/2012 | 10:48 AM
Here is my poem:

"Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
say something against Roger
and I'm gonna crush you."
02/01/2012 | 05:58 PM
DEAR iluvfederer928.


02/01/2012 | 11:47 AM
But Roger was there decided to find a way to overcome... So he's in progress that's what matters! I really hope he will look into professional psychological training, if not done yet! But look, he was so brave when facing break points! So brave! He was close! If he could do that all the time! He's such an amazing player... Bravo Roger! Keep improving!
02/01/2012 | 11:39 AM
I watched the semi final again (painful!!!) but we need to give Roger credit that he kept attacking and seemed to really have tried to overcome negative mental influence on his game and so forth played aggressive up to the last point. Physically Roger seems really fine seriously! No prob. His mental state, not being aggressive enough, takes a little bit of sharpness away that causes, for example, the bad ascents to the net that made him loose a lot of points... and confidence.
02/01/2012 | 09:38 AM
Roger, you're still the best ever! Like, the final was spectacular, but not too creative tennis-wise, just gruelling - without the variety of shots you can pull off it was, ultimately, boring. Looking forward to see more of you in those kind of matches! Good luck.
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