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Out against Rafa

26.01.2012 | Tennis, Starseite 2

Roger suffered a 7-6(5), 2-6, 6-7(5), 4-6 loss against Rafael Nadal in the semi-final of the Australian Open today. It was an incredibly intense match, offering the spectators a true tennis-spectacle. 

Roger started perfectly into duel no. 27 with Nadal, breaking the Spaniard in his first service game. But and only a few sloppy points at 4-2 gave Nadal enough room to find back into the set. But Roger managed to take the first tiebreak only a bit later. In the second set, Roger lost his rhythm, giving Nadal plenty of room for a total of three breaks. Our champ then saved a set point in the 11th game of the third set, eventually forcing a tiebreaker. After three unforced errors on Roger's side, Nadal clinched the set on his last of five set points. In set number four, an early break on Nadal's side was enough for him to seal his victory after 3:42 hours.


"I thought Rafa played well from start to finish," Roger said. "It was a tough match physically as well. I'm disappointed, but it's only the beginning of the season. I'm feeling all right, so it's OK."

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01/29/2012 | 01:11 PM
cont and Nadal will win RG a 7th time this year so ??
01/29/2012 | 01:10 PM
:))...good one, do you like the style, is boring, I only watch the score, and Nadal is making to much UEs, for him, that is bad, I want to see him next year, he will make more and more UEs..
01/29/2012 | 01:09 PM

Please let's face the truth and stop believing this 20 GS mission impossible
and stop that argument about slow courts all the courts are slow these days
even Wimbledon is not what it was in the past an moreover the balls
are heavier these days.
01/29/2012 | 01:07 PM
Federer can win Grand Slams, he can pass 20, that depends only of him, regarding the others, no, that is not depending of them. Ofc, he has more chance to win GS at US Open and Wimbledon (more at US) because of the faster courts...
01/29/2012 | 01:05 PM

I am learning to like this style because that is the present right now but I dont
like both of them.....
01/29/2012 | 01:04 PM
we will see and watch...do you like this match?
01/29/2012 | 01:02 PM
just now watching the game between to players who have stolen the crown
from Federer and that will not change the coming 2 years or more.
01/29/2012 | 12:59 PM
No Boting, no, Federer isn't losing against Nadal because he has 30, he is losing because of hi mental, I think Federer played more agressive than Djokovic did today, but he lost, he was in advangage in all sets, unforunately, mental is a big issue for him, in my opinnion, Federer has more chances to win against Djokovic that Nadal has...
01/29/2012 | 12:55 PM

maybe Djokovic has also the same at his home now about Nadal lol
01/29/2012 | 12:51 PM
PS Forgot to say that there were reports in 2007 that a "Mr Rafael Nadal" had purchased an Indian computer programme that had analysed every Roger match and that is prob why Rafa has managed to beat Roger so often since then esp the 2008 Wimbledon final - he knows how Roger plays. Roger needs to outfox this guy and perhaps his team could look into this and buy a similar programme as well as the sports psychologist?Best wishes and best of luck for the future.