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Out against Rafa

26.01.2012 | Tennis, Starseite 2

Roger suffered a 7-6(5), 2-6, 6-7(5), 4-6 loss against Rafael Nadal in the semi-final of the Australian Open today. It was an incredibly intense match, offering the spectators a true tennis-spectacle. 

Roger started perfectly into duel no. 27 with Nadal, breaking the Spaniard in his first service game. But and only a few sloppy points at 4-2 gave Nadal enough room to find back into the set. But Roger managed to take the first tiebreak only a bit later. In the second set, Roger lost his rhythm, giving Nadal plenty of room for a total of three breaks. Our champ then saved a set point in the 11th game of the third set, eventually forcing a tiebreaker. After three unforced errors on Roger's side, Nadal clinched the set on his last of five set points. In set number four, an early break on Nadal's side was enough for him to seal his victory after 3:42 hours.


"I thought Rafa played well from start to finish," Roger said. "It was a tough match physically as well. I'm disappointed, but it's only the beginning of the season. I'm feeling all right, so it's OK."

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01/29/2012 | 08:28 PM
It's always a pleasure to watch you play.. See you at the French Open in May. Best of luck!! You're fans are always here to support you!!
01/29/2012 | 08:20 PM
ooops..I meant Djokovich is only champion I have seen who takes his shirt off after winning a match...not acting to a high standard..although he has improved immensely in the past year for sure...and he will be a threat to all players for a long time to come I think...cannot deny his skills on the court
01/29/2012 | 08:13 PM
You are probaably right ...but I remember an interview by Federer a while ago on the Charlie Rose TV show where he was saying he was sorry he didn't show respsect for the game when he showed up on Center Court at Wimbeldon unshaven in the 2003 final. He cut off his pony tail not long after that also. So a combination of his own manners and respect for the game. And of course every one should behave at a high standard...especially as champion..Djokovich is the only top player I have seen do it
01/29/2012 | 08:01 PM
HKL... You mean, Djokovic gets that (title) and Roger doesn't.
01/29/2012 | 07:48 PM
Today's sport is a show on TV... That's the up to date etiquette! Look at golfers in North america, they seems to have lost the gentlemen etiquette in their dressing style...For the good! Even if I prefer a more classical and classy style myself I think this evolution is a sign that nobility has been replaced by equality... If Federer behave the way he does it's more because of his general manners than the idea of respecting an etiquette... Higher standard should be anyone's concern all the tim
01/29/2012 | 07:47 PM
Hello Roger,

It was great to see your hard work paying off at the Australian Open. What a treat and a nice start to the new year. Wishing you much success in 2012.

01/29/2012 | 07:40 PM

No problem we understood well
01/29/2012 | 07:34 PM
sorry..that's 'etiquette'...not ettiquite -:)
01/29/2012 | 07:08 PM
Agree Djokovich deserved to celebrate...but tennis ettiquite is different from soccer ettiquite where tearing off your shirt after winning is acceptable...tennis is a high class sport with higher standards of conduct by its' champions..Federer gets that..Djokovich does not..
01/29/2012 | 06:59 PM
Look how they express themselves on the ground! Nadal fought like a lion to the end, celebrated the win of the forth set like you would a grand slam! Djoko was like an open book! Go for it a little bit more to man! express yourself! You have so many more weapons in your game than they have!!! It's only a small issue to solve for you!!! it's only about a mental process to set... You can do it!!! Rogy Rog! Simply the best...