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Out against Rafa

26.01.2012 | Tennis, Starseite 2

Roger suffered a 7-6(5), 2-6, 6-7(5), 4-6 loss against Rafael Nadal in the semi-final of the Australian Open today. It was an incredibly intense match, offering the spectators a true tennis-spectacle. 

Roger started perfectly into duel no. 27 with Nadal, breaking the Spaniard in his first service game. But and only a few sloppy points at 4-2 gave Nadal enough room to find back into the set. But Roger managed to take the first tiebreak only a bit later. In the second set, Roger lost his rhythm, giving Nadal plenty of room for a total of three breaks. Our champ then saved a set point in the 11th game of the third set, eventually forcing a tiebreaker. After three unforced errors on Roger's side, Nadal clinched the set on his last of five set points. In set number four, an early break on Nadal's side was enough for him to seal his victory after 3:42 hours.


"I thought Rafa played well from start to finish," Roger said. "It was a tough match physically as well. I'm disappointed, but it's only the beginning of the season. I'm feeling all right, so it's OK."

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01/29/2012 | 06:55 PM
We should have some fair play here, there's nothing wrong in the way Djoko celebrated his victory which was quite a fight from both guys! Rogy Rog, you are the only one who recently beat Djoko in a grand slam and who also got match points (us open) It means a lot! Again this year probably only you can... It totally means that your tennis is the best on the tour! Please work on your mental, with a pro if needed, you can do so much more!!! Look how your buddies get in fighting mode!!!
01/29/2012 | 06:23 PM
roger... i know that u r a legend & genius. you the game best. but when u lose we can't bear it. i support PMASUZY for her comment. please against nadal dont give him that psychological edge. try to play from baseline & we believe that you would win. you have beaten him in the past and you can sure do it again.. all the best for 2012.. go roaring...
01/29/2012 | 06:19 PM
Agree with Boting that Djokovich lowered the tone of the result by ripping off his shirt and strutting around the court...he needs to learn how to be classy like Roger to be respected in this game...maybe forgivable for a teenager but not for a player at his age and experience...disgusting...at least he took another slam away from Rafa protecting Roger's record!
01/29/2012 | 06:08 PM
Well, the most meaningful match statistic was Rogers 63 unforced errors to Rafas 36. I know Roger feels he has to be aggressive, but maybe against Nadal only he has to get the balance right, exercise more patience, show consistency on the groundstrokes and pull the trigger when its almost certainly going to be a winner. Look at Djokos recent 7 match winning run against nadal, he's beating him from the baseline with the right mix of consistent and aggressive play
01/29/2012 | 05:56 PM
So sad not to see you in the final.
Always King Roger in my heart!
01/29/2012 | 05:55 PM
Roger, ur d best. ur loosin confidence and that first serve percentage against rafa was so sad. wanna see ur aces that fires. remember how much aces u fired in GS finals against rodddick? common man.. u can do it
01/29/2012 | 05:46 PM
I believe in Roger.

01/29/2012 | 05:31 PM
The way how Novak acted when he won by pulling out his shirt and going
to his box like a gorilla does not show any dignity disgusting.
01/29/2012 | 05:30 PM
DEAR Pippie - 01/29/2012 | 04:52 AM

Sorry about your Dad - take care

01/29/2012 | 05:03 PM
I am glad Nadal lost, don't like him personally. His manners and style are very unpleasant and opposite to what Roger always show. Novak deserved to be champion and he is great replacement to Roger. 7th match on row Nadal lost to Novak and that is great result. Tennis is not just heavy shots made with left hand Nadal, it is also amazing technique you are missing!!!!