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Roger voted greatest of |all time

28.01.2012 | Off Court, Starseite 3

The official website of the Australian Open published the result of an online-poll asking users "Who is the greatest men's player of all time?" this week.

Over 45'000 tennis fans participated in the poll, resulting in a fantastic victory for Roger as greatest player of all time!

Our champ received over 70% of the votes (33'000).

Second place - at quite some distance - goes to Rafael Nadal (5'700 votes). The Spaniard is followed by America's Pete Sampras (6%) and Rod Laver (4%). Roger met the Australian legend in Melbourne Park this week.

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01/31/2012 | 03:07 PM
Good luck roger in Rotterdam. The 500 tournaments are very important. They give you extra points, and also when you play well and win a title you gain lots of confidence. I think that's what happened when you won Basel last year. It gave you lots of confidence and then you began your winning streak. You played well against Nadal and the match was so close as always , but i think you should raise your level a little bit to beat the top guys, and i'm sure you know how coz u r the tennis master.
01/31/2012 | 12:17 PM
of their sport,profession,occupation whatever and experience a set back whether it be injury,illness or some tragedy, it can and does often take, weeks,months years to reach the top again. IMO you have done very well to recover your high standard following mono, back problems ,chest infection--full credit to you-- many would have given up--so many of us admire you and have no reason to criticise you 'the greatest men's player of all time'
Hope that 2012 is a super one for you
01/31/2012 | 12:01 PM
Over the many years you have set such a high standard,proving to all and sundry that you are by far the greatest player that the majority of us have seen for many decades. Why oh why so many so called 'experts' THINK that they know how you should play I do not understand.Perhaps they [experts]would do well to buy a racquet then try and qualify for one of the top tournaments!
One of your most loyal and consistent fans Margaret [hughesie] wrote during 2008 , that when one at the top
01/31/2012 | 11:50 AM
In sports we have champions and then there are THE champions and Roger Federer is one of the latter, full of talent this great genius.
Granted, winning is important [yes I play several sports including tennis] BUT it is also the way one conducts oneself both on and off the court, field whatever--you are examplary in both areas.
Congratulations on a wonderful AO--we were there for all of your matches. Thank you for playing such brilliant tennis--some of your shots are to die for
01/31/2012 | 10:20 AM
no doubt!
01/31/2012 | 09:33 AM
c'est tout à fait normal. Roger est le meilleur.
01/31/2012 | 06:02 AM
There's no doubt in my mind that you are the greatest men's player of all time.
01/31/2012 | 05:21 AM
Congratulations Roger!
Whoever watched you playing could not vote otherwise. You are the greatest tennis player of all time, no doubt about that although some tennis commentators are trying to put it differently. Djokovic and Rafa are robots and I hope new coming generations of young tennis players will have you as their idol instead of either of the two above. Otherwise, the tennis will suffer a major loss in beauty, touch, movement and feel.
Well done, MAESTRO!
01/31/2012 | 04:38 AM
Maestro, see you in Rotterdam. Please, win this tourney. You are still too good. You are still the best! And most of all, you are the real Greatest Player Of All Time. No doubt of it! We love you and will support you forever. God bless as well as your family and see you soon. Love from, "Roger Forever and Beyond."
01/31/2012 | 02:09 AM
Djokovic and Nadal play like robots! One day it will explode if they continue like this! Roger Federer is the best! With all my heart for Roger! Forward RF Greetings from Serbia!