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Roger voted greatest of |all time

28.01.2012 | Off Court, Starseite 3

The official website of the Australian Open published the result of an online-poll asking users "Who is the greatest men's player of all time?" this week.

Over 45'000 tennis fans participated in the poll, resulting in a fantastic victory for Roger as greatest player of all time!

Our champ received over 70% of the votes (33'000).

Second place - at quite some distance - goes to Rafael Nadal (5'700 votes). The Spaniard is followed by America's Pete Sampras (6%) and Rod Laver (4%). Roger met the Australian legend in Melbourne Park this week.

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02/09/2012 | 03:16 PM
Roger is......"SIMPLY, THE BEST".
Congratulations, dear Roger!!!!!!!
Of course, tennis is not tennis without you, your game, your kind of person and your personality!!! You always shine, people LOVE you! I´m so proud that you are my IDOL!!!!
All the best for you and the swiss team during Davis Cup in Fribourg! Please, take care of yourself, Champ!!!! You have lot of tournaments coming soon!!!!!
02/09/2012 | 02:54 PM
For me to call someone the greatest of all makes no sense at all

Any one can be one of the greates not like the only one

Being human means everyone has some weakness.

How can u call someone greatest ever when he could not beat Nadal after he beame number 1.

Though i am a huge federer fan i still think that the concept of GOAT is junk
it should never be discussed
02/09/2012 | 02:03 PM
Dear Rog, I agree with the rest of your fans. Tennis is not tennis without you and your game. You ARE the GOAT. No arguments about that. We love to see you in action always. Good luck on Davis Cup. Of the top 4, you are the only one playing Davis Cup. That says a lot. Good luck to you and your team.
02/09/2012 | 02:30 AM
Roger forever number 1 ! ! !
02/08/2012 | 08:17 PM
Congratulations Roger! I am always happy for you. You are the bomb for sure. I hope you have a great Davis Cup. Give Stan a big wet one from Lauren in Lompoc. Where are you all going to be in September? Feel the pull to go to the central coast of California? I just started a tennis association in my town. I blame you.
02/08/2012 | 05:25 PM
Dear Roger, you are without a doubt THE GREATEST OF ALL TIME. There is no Joy within the "Tennis World" when you are not playing! I love you and your game sooooo much! Good luck at Davis Cup!
02/08/2012 | 05:25 PM
Always you are The Best
i love you
02/08/2012 | 01:17 PM
Please RF...please play some more years...
02/08/2012 | 10:35 AM
I have not been watching my beloved tennis match for a while now. So happy that you will be playing again. Please remain healthy this weekend and enjoy all your matches against USA. I know you will do well as usual. Nonetheless it does not matter, I am so happy that you are still playing. Without you, there is no joy for me to watch. thank you.
02/08/2012 | 04:27 AM
Thank you Om-malik for the link to that article. Expresses my feelings exactly and is well written and measured. The final of the australian open signals the end of a tennis era - from the golden age to the age of dross.
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