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Roger voted greatest of |all time

28.01.2012 | Off Court, Starseite 3

The official website of the Australian Open published the result of an online-poll asking users "Who is the greatest men's player of all time?" this week.

Over 45'000 tennis fans participated in the poll, resulting in a fantastic victory for Roger as greatest player of all time!

Our champ received over 70% of the votes (33'000).

Second place - at quite some distance - goes to Rafael Nadal (5'700 votes). The Spaniard is followed by America's Pete Sampras (6%) and Rod Laver (4%). Roger met the Australian legend in Melbourne Park this week.

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02/03/2012 | 06:44 AM
I just want to say I agree with AMANRF! I like the way you think, AMANRF! I hope Roger finds the will and the way to win Wimbledon and the Olympics this year. All will be well then. A course correction is necessary :)
02/03/2012 | 06:11 AM
I'm sick of you guys comparing ROGER and GOD,
I know he is good but he is not ROGER of course!
02/03/2012 | 03:44 AM
hi all
according to me Roger and Pete Sampras are voted greastest of all time.
02/03/2012 | 02:57 AM
It's so apparent to millions of us that you have set the standard for how the game of tennis should be played. Haven't seen anyone currently playing who compares with the game you fought and worked hard to bring pleasure to tennis lovers. Congratulations!
02/03/2012 | 02:09 AM
Thanks for sharing the poll that showed what all of your fans know, GOAT -
watching you play tennis is a real gift to your fans - tennis will never be the same once you retire - no matches to look forward to. Who is really interested in watching the caliber of tennis that we witnessed in the finals last Sunday - actually I am sure that Nadal and Djokovich will wear down physically if they continue playing that hard. We love and respect you and your family. Blessings to each of you and your team!
02/03/2012 | 12:19 AM
And who else should be the greatest?
02/02/2012 | 11:22 PM
It is a pity that while Rafa performs his best tennis against Roger, our champ does not seem to be able to reach his heights against Rafa. But, this is tennis. That's why we love and hate the game. So much emotion in this game, it's scary.
02/02/2012 | 09:33 PM
I finally could look at some of the AO final I could not believe such awful tennis neither one has any gracifulness about them they just bang the ball back and forth. Djockovich is an ecgotistical you know what and Rafa thinks he is some kind of animal terrible tennis can't wait to see you back on court. Love your tennis
02/02/2012 | 06:17 PM
Second best ever: TIM HENMAN

02/02/2012 | 03:46 PM
EdmundG - I couldn't have put it better myself!