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Roger voted greatest of |all time

28.01.2012 | Off Court, Starseite 3

The official website of the Australian Open published the result of an online-poll asking users "Who is the greatest men's player of all time?" this week.

Over 45'000 tennis fans participated in the poll, resulting in a fantastic victory for Roger as greatest player of all time!

Our champ received over 70% of the votes (33'000).

Second place - at quite some distance - goes to Rafael Nadal (5'700 votes). The Spaniard is followed by America's Pete Sampras (6%) and Rod Laver (4%). Roger met the Australian legend in Melbourne Park this week.

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02/01/2012 | 01:21 PM
Is good to see that so many people recognize you as the best. One more title to display!
02/01/2012 | 11:16 AM
I WOULD HAVE VOTED FOR YOU TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
02/01/2012 | 10:17 AM
Roger, you are always #1 in our hearts, the best not just in tennis but in sportmanship and class. You inspire us in so many ways, I only hope all our comments help inspire and encourage you to continue to strive for your goals. Thanks so much for ever and ever!
02/01/2012 | 09:38 AM
u are the best for ever
02/01/2012 | 09:23 AM
:) roger i dont forget your semi :""""( but again i and my family love and support you thanks roger...
02/01/2012 | 09:21 AM
Congrats, Roger! Have some good time off, and kick their asses in Wells and Key Biscayne!
02/01/2012 | 08:08 AM
hi all
Roger will get more a GS but not this time.
02/01/2012 | 03:46 AM
Our Beloved Champ:
You came thru 3 tense, tricky, highly hyped up matches without dropping a set dazzling us with your outworldly tennis. Thank you for that. Loved seeing your twins, they have your physique, elegance & poise. I so hope the Nannies took them away before they watched Nadal’s savage facial expressions and beastly growls, way too scary for them. Enjoy your time off Champ and see you soon in the DC competitions and Rotterdam.
You have my love and support always.
01/31/2012 | 10:35 PM
I adore your tennis and do believe that you are ONE of the BEST...but the GOAT is not a correct label. No one can claim it EVER...too many legends during various eras: Laver, Borg, McEnroe, Sampras, etc. who would be unfairly minimized if you or any ONE player gets the GOAT label. You are a LEGEND and ONE of the GREATEST EVER...for that I will always be thankful and the WORLD will always be grateful.
01/31/2012 | 08:48 PM
Good Job! You and my sis have the same Bday and her name is Charlene. haha. Weird! Plus I'm the same age as you and a big fan. I think that deserves some player's box tickets for when you come to T.O. !!!!!! Lol....... Yeee Haaaa