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Roger sends his records (even) higher

13.10.2006 | Tennis

Whilst the other competitors are still battling for a place in the Masters Cup in Shanghai, Roger is quietly enjoying heading the ATP Race 2006 ranking. Winning the competition in 2004 (1267 points) as well as 2005 (1345 points), he has just set up a new record with 1374 points after his victory in Tokyo. And the season is far from finished…


On Sunday Roger won his 77th match this season (to 5 defeats).


His sixth consecutive victory against Tim Henman also means that Roger has been able to take the lead in the head-to-head between the two players: 7-6.


Reading Roger’s stats on hard court can cause dizziness: He currently stands at 49 victories compared to 2 defeats this year. Last year he finished with 50 victories compared to one single defeat.


Roger has won 232 matches and only suffered 15 defeats since 2004. In 46 tournaments played he was the one holding up the trophy 31 times in the end. This summer he managed to win the double Wimbledon-US Open for the third consecutive time. Unique… Roger has only been defeated twice since Roland Garros (against Rafael Nadal in Paris and Murray in Cincinnati), winning a total of 39 matches.


So far, Roger has played 13 finals this season, thus one more than last year and two more than 2004. A new personal record.


42 victories in 55 finals played in his career – 76.4% - is Roger’s stat since the beginning of his career. Pete Sampras ‘only’ reached 72.2% (64/88), John McEnroe 71.3% (77/108) and Björn Borg 70.5% (62-88).


Roger has now won titles in 14 different countries after his first victory in Japan.




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10/14/2006 | 09:03 AM
great roger what records!!i thinj this year roger is going to set a very high race points record and will beat the record of pete sampras:prize money won in a year.and he will break his own record of 81 matches won in a season.good luck in madrid,basel,pa
10/14/2006 | 08:27 AM
It is simple: You are the Best!!
10/14/2006 | 05:55 AM
wow the list just goes on and on! like the commentators said: "it's either ur breaking records or making new ones :D "

just keep it up! ur the best... :D
10/14/2006 | 05:20 AM
Outstanding record and still counting !
Wishing you good health and joy in your life.
Blessings !
10/14/2006 | 05:20 AM
I know Roger you'll have 3 more finals so be ready: MADRID-PARIS-SHANGAI..you will break all the records very soon..Congratulation champion..RELAX and stay healthy..
10/14/2006 | 03:06 AM
Splendid! ;)

Doris Zhao
10/14/2006 | 02:32 AM
Dearest Roger,

I see that you have arrived in Madrid on schedule. You have not played in Madrid for three years and I think the organizers are very happy to have a crowd pleaser like you. I guess Nadal must be there too because he lost in Stokholm.

10/14/2006 | 01:22 AM
Roger I have seen the best play but you are the most stylish player and watching you is a joy. My day's are empty if there is no tennis matches to watch so I'm really looking forward to the next three weeks. I know your fans ibn Basle will be so glad t
10/14/2006 | 01:19 AM
from Ancient Egypt through France
from jeu de paume to modern tennis
finally we arrived to his own
pure brightness
10/14/2006 | 12:59 AM
Great job Rogi!! Keep them coming!!
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