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Round three in Indian Wells

12.03.2012 | Tennis, Starseite 1

Roger defeated wild card Denis Kudla 6-4, 6-1 in the second round in Indian Wells. Roger felt a bit sick, but not as bad to be thrown off his game.

"I'm always relieved and happy when I am able to find my way into a tournament, see where you're at," Roger commented. "It's a good start for me. I didn't know Kudla very much, or at all really, so it was a good win for me. I'm looking forward to what's next."

Roger celebrated a clear victory after winning 79 percent of his first serve points and dominating the match from an early stage. He will now play Milos Raonic for the first time - both players have won two singles titles on the tour this year so far. "I am looking forward to that match," Roger said. "He's a good player and up and coming. Sometimes it can help and sometimes it cannot help to have never played a guy before."

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03/12/2012 | 07:04 PM
Hello Roger. Whether I can ask you about the help and receive council. If you not against, answer me on a site and I will formulate the question on the son - the tennis player. Thanks. Good luck to you on tournament
03/12/2012 | 06:11 PM
Good luck next play
03/12/2012 | 06:11 PM
Good luck next play
03/12/2012 | 06:06 PM
you played very good. you´re wonderfull. I love you
03/12/2012 | 06:04 PM
Electroyles, fluids, Roger, and hope you and those with you feel well. I am not concerned about your matchup with Raonic. He serves from a tree, but you now how to play around it, neutralize him, and impose yourself. It is your round to win: stand your ground as always when needed, and take the belief away from your opponent. It is rightly so! ( too much buildup when a promising younger player appears, which frequently is deflated sooner or later.)
03/12/2012 | 06:00 PM
Roger great seeing you play and so sorry you developed a virus while there in Indian wells I could see it on your face that you really did not feel well hopefully it will be a short lived illness and you will feel much better. also hope your beautiful family did not get ill too,.
03/12/2012 | 05:59 PM

I fear for young Rafa's soul. I fear that this Djokovic thing will
take wings and bear some strange fruit. I fear that Rafa will slide
so far down in the rankings he will end up in challengers where he
will lose continually to Nole's brothers. I am consumed by this fear.
03/12/2012 | 05:53 PM
Congrats Roger on your opening victory. I understand you`re not 100 percent physically having a fever. Well hopefully you can recover in time for your next match against Raonic, and have another exciting week.
Best wishes to you and family x
03/12/2012 | 05:40 PM
Dear Roger,

Forget being politically correct. Do what needs to be done. Drop the family off at a Motel 6 in Riverside and seize the day! The world needs your inexhaustable creaminess at this juncture and it's incumbent upon you to deliver the goods. As
always we rejoice in your wondrousness and know that you are vigilant and on the case. Family can wait. Cheers my friend!
03/12/2012 | 05:40 PM
Congratulations Roger!You played very good.Good luck in the next match with Raonic!Come on MAESTRO!