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Three questions to Roger

23.10.2006 | Tennis

Roger, what are your feelings after your first victory in Madrid, your 10th one this year?


"I'm really, really happy. I missed the last two editions because of fatigue and injury and it was great to come here again and win the tournament. It is a great day in my career. Two 6-0's against players of that caliber is always a bit surprising. I played well the entire tournament, didn't drop a set. Only got broken once. There's not much I can say about that.”



How is your ankle?

"Well, I can walk now, so it's okay. And I could continue to play. It happened to me in Toronto. It happened to me at the U.S. Open against Blake as well. It's the third time it happened. Every time I could get up, continue to play. I'm confident, you know. As usual, I'm a positive thinker. I don't have pain now. That's a good sign. I hope I get over this little issue with my ankle so I can play Basel. And then I hope that I feel fine also after that tournament so then I can play Paris. That's the plan. I have a week anyway between Paris and Shanghai. We'll see what happens. At the moment I feel great. I'll try to carry the confidence over to the next two tournaments."



The tournament in Basel means a lot to you, could you tell us a bit more closely what exactly the key factors are?

Obviously the Masters Cup final in Shanghai is my top priority for the rest of the season because that's where you have the top eight guys all taking part. But when it comes to emotions, Basel is number one because of growing up there and working as a ballboy at the event. It's always been a pretty tough draw in Basel and this year's no different. That's why I'm pretty happy that I've already reached two finals and a semi-final. It shows I've actually been playing very well in Basel even when the draw has been tough on me. This year I hope it's tough again but that this time I can go all the way."



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10/24/2006 | 12:08 AM


10/23/2006 | 11:42 PM
Congratulations on your first title in Madrid!!!! You played beautifully all week, and you truly deserved all that champagne;) Good luck at home in Basel!!!!
10/23/2006 | 11:37 PM
I've never placed an emphasis on stats and records before. I thought the media's hype on winning streaks went a bit overboard. But I've had a change of heart recently. When I think about my children watching tennis when they grow up, I want them to hea
10/23/2006 | 10:20 PM
Good Luck in Basel Roger
Hope you're ankle won't trouble you!
I'll keep my fingers crossed,but do you reallly need that????
10/23/2006 | 09:36 PM
Dear Roger,

I know you say you want to play all of these tournaments but do you really need to of course Basel means alot to you coming from where you were once a ballboy it must bring alot of good memorys for you and i hope you can fullfill them here
10/23/2006 | 09:18 PM
congratulations!!! you can't even imagine how proud i am of you!!! you are the best tennis player by far!! i hope your ankle doesn't bother you!!! many kisses to the champion!!
10/23/2006 | 09:05 PM
Take Care and Best of Luck for Basel!
10/23/2006 | 09:04 PM
Dear Roger ,

I hope that you will in Basel because it's your birthday place and because it's your dream.....
I'm really happy for you, for your career your succees it's unbeliveable , I don't have any word specifically in english jejeje for describe y
10/23/2006 | 09:02 PM
Congrats! What an enjoyable game against Gonzales! As usual, you played with full range of tennis skills and a brilliant brain. You are the most graceful and natural sportsman in the world.
Best of luck for the rest of the season!
10/23/2006 | 08:42 PM
idol! your the best Roger! jst take care alwayz
fanatic from alaska!!!

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