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Gillette Federer Tour

22.03.2012 | Off Court, Starseite 3

Dear Fans


It’s official! Thanks to Gillette, this year I will visit Brazil, the most important country for sports for the next years. I am very excited to finally get to know this wonderful land and spread the love of the game!


All the best

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03/28/2012 | 02:06 AM
Pls Gillette Federer Tour organization! include Mexico in the schedule!!! c'mon I know that you will have a lot of fans greatful beacuse of that!! COME TO MEXICO ROGER!! We love you!! :) xoxo
03/27/2012 | 07:53 PM
HI!!but is Roger also comming to Argentina?yes please!!!
03/27/2012 | 05:53 PM
Great! I'm sure you'll find you have many fans in South America as you do everywhere you go around the world. They'll be trilled to have you visit their country. Heaven knows, you've spread the love of the game everywhere on this planet!

Thanks to Gillette, and even bigger thanks to you, Roger!
Enjoy your time there!
03/27/2012 | 03:42 PM
Nice Roger ^^ u making a lot of people really happy :)
03/27/2012 | 04:50 AM
I'm one of Roger's crazy fans. Any idea of how I reacted when I read this? Almost passed out, cried of emotion... This is huge for us. Thanks to Gillette for making this possible and infinit thanks to Roger for considering it and accepting it. I always wonderer if I would ever be able to actually go to one of his matches and now it's more of a possibility. Thank you.
03/26/2012 | 11:48 PM
There are many fans of yours in that county, and in fact, in South Amirica. Take care, though, with flghts fom there to Europe, and also with other safety issues!
I am sure you will make many people happy to see you, and provide great encouragement to Brazilian and South Americ sportsmen, hopeful tennis pros great inspiratins. (Though they have some of their own, to be sure). But you are unique everywhere!
03/26/2012 | 06:15 PM
Hola a la Argentina también venís no? porque te esperamos por favor veni!!! Quiero verte jugar por fi!!!!
03/26/2012 | 05:35 PM
Congratulations Dear Roger!
You are perfect and great in all aspects!
Thank you so much for the great news!
Enjoy your tour and all the best!
03/25/2012 | 03:39 PM
Great Roger ! Tennis is your life and you donate your life and spend it for others. You are the greatest, in and out of the court.
03/25/2012 | 10:43 AM