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Roger to meet Roddick

24.03.2012 | Tennis, Starseite 1

Roger secured his participation in week 2 in Miami with a 6-2, 7-6(3) victory over 19-year-old American Ryan Harrison today.

Roger battled at some points, especially towards the end of the second set, when he let a 5-2 lead slip away and was even confronted with a break-point at 5:5. But once again, Roger showed excellent tennis when under pressure and closed out the match after 84 minutes for his 40th victory in the past 42 matches. He has now extended his winning streak against players outside the top 20 to 77 matches.

Roger will now play Andy Roddick - winner of the tournament 2010 - in the third round on Monday. Roger is 21-2 against Andy Roddick, one of the defeats going back to Miami in 2008. 

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04/16/2012 | 12:28 AM
Roger Federer is my pick to win the singles Gold Medal at Wimbledon.
03/27/2012 | 07:38 PM
Its ok, Roger. Just relax now and be with your girls. We all know You are the best. But come back BITTE!!! I mean please!
03/27/2012 | 09:46 AM
Yes, You are right. My problem is that Iam always nervous when Iam wathing him, and that is not good for my health. Maybe, its better for me not to watch his matches. I will watch livescores instead.
03/27/2012 | 09:37 AM
TUNA4444, what don't you undestand, you said "I love Roger, and hate to see him lose like that" ,now it's ok, I hate to see him losing. TUNA4444, you will never see a man to win everything, if you have these expectations, don't watch anymore tennis, you have the remote. Regarding the loss, let's be polite and give Roddick a credit, but imo he wasn't better than Federer, and for me are good signs the Federer level of the game, he can win more and more, especially tennis wins. He hasn't the egg...
03/27/2012 | 09:35 AM
And I am not kid. I am 33 years old, I play tennis over twenty years, I started to watch it and to play it because of Edberg. When Roger was 17 years old, I told to my friend that he will be no 1. They loughed. I dont want to se him retire, but when I read comments of psychopaths who always underrate Roger and his game, that really makes me sad.
03/27/2012 | 09:29 AM
Ok. Same thing happened to Roger against Djokovic at the US open on his match points. I dont know what to say. He is unlucky, he doesnt have luck when its important. Nadal is the happiest tennis player Ive seen, he always has luck on his side. Thats the truth.
03/27/2012 | 09:26 AM
I dont understand. I hate to see him losing, especially like this. He was better but lost, or maybe he wasnt better? I agree with you, when Roger leaves tennis I wont watch it. I love his game. Other tennis players are all the same. Very, very boring.
03/27/2012 | 09:21 AM
TUNA4444, I bored with this conversation, have you watched the match?
03/27/2012 | 09:18 AM
* how do you love to see him losing???
03/27/2012 | 09:17 AM
TUNA4444, I don't give a....about record against Nadal, Djokovic, or Murray, I just want to see him playing, is the only players in the world who makes me wake up at 3am, and that is not because I am a fan of him, I am fan of his game. "I love Roger, and hate to see him lose like that", bla, bla, bla...and how do you love to see him winning?
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