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Roger to meet Roddick

24.03.2012 | Tennis, Starseite 1

Roger secured his participation in week 2 in Miami with a 6-2, 7-6(3) victory over 19-year-old American Ryan Harrison today.

Roger battled at some points, especially towards the end of the second set, when he let a 5-2 lead slip away and was even confronted with a break-point at 5:5. But once again, Roger showed excellent tennis when under pressure and closed out the match after 84 minutes for his 40th victory in the past 42 matches. He has now extended his winning streak against players outside the top 20 to 77 matches.

Roger will now play Andy Roddick - winner of the tournament 2010 - in the third round on Monday. Roger is 21-2 against Andy Roddick, one of the defeats going back to Miami in 2008. 

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03/27/2012 | 08:17 AM
Sorry about the loss Roger, you had your chance in the first set but you took it easy,you played well in the second set,failure of your serve in the 3rd set cost you the match,but don't be upset, you showed good fighting spirit and confidence but unlucky. Don't worry you started the year very well. Relax now for a while with the family, then start practicing in clay with special attention to overcome back hand errors and to make serve more powerful. You will make it this year
03/27/2012 | 08:01 AM
dear Roger, i think that all is ok, it's possible to lose a game and i think that Roddick has played the best game in the last two year. Enjoy a break Great Champion why no one can play tennis like you! REMEMBER.
03/27/2012 | 07:58 AM
It's hard to see you lose, but you'll always be my inspiration from your start of your profession in tennis, remember one thing it does not kill you makes you stronger. You are strong, intelligent, agile, you have an impressive strength and positivism very commendable. I love you is that later you will win many more tournaments by this command you much positivism are wishing the best in your life you are great;-)
03/27/2012 | 07:04 AM
Roger: You really fueled yourself from the last losses you had, if this was unfair and as some have been saying on the forum you have been robbed(i did not have the chance to watch the whole game), use this loss as the ultimate fuel and win the 60 games or so remaining on the season, answer to all those that have given you from dead, do that and keep on playing amazing, until you are 36, we will cheer for you even if you play as unseeded. Be calm, stay poised, 2012 is still begininng.
03/27/2012 | 06:58 AM
tough loss roger...but thts ok...v all r with u...take some rest and v know u ll come back stronger...njoy the break with ur family...luv u 4 ever king...
03/27/2012 | 06:05 AM
I had not been on his website for quite sometime. Just want to share what I read on another website that Roddick should be ashamed of his gamemanship that he at least yelled "out" three times in the match even when the ball is still playable. I remember one incident tonigt when Roger asked the umpire and later shrugged it off. Roddick went on to win. Roger always an astute professional did not want to show that he was robbed, in his presser he gave Roddick credit. Always a class act.
03/27/2012 | 05:59 AM
It's ok, Champ. We're with you. On to the next tournament. You'll do just fine.
03/27/2012 | 05:30 AM
I will be cheering you forever.....my hero
03/27/2012 | 05:30 AM
Hey Champ, tough loss today. But you had a terrific run the past 6 months. So rest well and stay healthy. You won 3 of the 500 tournaments at Basel, Rotterdam, Dubai. So one of them replaces Miami points. So no worries. Also, you beat Murray and Nadal (your tough opponents) convincingly in straight sets in a span of 2 weeks. That brought lot of cheers to your fans (of course jealous naysayers can never accept your great run and search for some holes in your victories). You're gonna rock on clay.
03/27/2012 | 05:30 AM
"KURACAN" Game over of what? this is not the soccer worldcup or the olympics! lol... there are so maaaany tournaments ahead! ;o)
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