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Roger to meet Roddick

24.03.2012 | Tennis, Starseite 1

Roger secured his participation in week 2 in Miami with a 6-2, 7-6(3) victory over 19-year-old American Ryan Harrison today.

Roger battled at some points, especially towards the end of the second set, when he let a 5-2 lead slip away and was even confronted with a break-point at 5:5. But once again, Roger showed excellent tennis when under pressure and closed out the match after 84 minutes for his 40th victory in the past 42 matches. He has now extended his winning streak against players outside the top 20 to 77 matches.

Roger will now play Andy Roddick - winner of the tournament 2010 - in the third round on Monday. Roger is 21-2 against Andy Roddick, one of the defeats going back to Miami in 2008. 

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03/27/2012 | 04:12 AM
I can't believe you lost to Roddick after that second set of 6-1. I'm very bummed. Now McMurray will catch up to you in the points. I'm sure you will be kicking yourself tonight wondering how that third set got away from you (also the first set tie-break). Somehow you have not been playing as well here as you did in Indian Wells and before. Oh well, we hope for the best in your next tournament and we are always your fans.
03/27/2012 | 04:05 AM
So sad to know that you lost to Roddick...i love to see you beat him. I really don't like him at all. Next time.
03/27/2012 | 04:03 AM
Please Roger, play Monte Carlo
03/27/2012 | 04:02 AM
F'king woeful. Why you were going for so many hail-Mary shots at crucial stages like 30-30, 15-30 on Roddick serve is just beyond me. Hey, Roger, when it's the middle of the 3rd set and you have won 18 of 21 points when the rally goes more than 8 shots... just keep the ball in play!! Roddick was donating the errors but patience defo wasn't with you tonight. I said your recent run of good form is down largely to a slump in other top guys, looks like I am going to be proved right-as always :-)
03/27/2012 | 04:00 AM
....bit of a nightmare.... this wasn't your night and spastic Rodderick was full of beans!
03/27/2012 | 03:55 AM
03/27/2012 | 03:55 AM
Oh Roger were you too complacent in that first set??? Brilliant 2nd set from you and then Roddick playing in a really rejuvenated way brings it to you and wins for heavens sake. Did he say to you 'No-one beats Andy Roddick 22 times??' Ah well, another day, another dollar. At least you don't have to play on purple mud any more this season. Lots of love but feel you threw that match away. xxxx
03/27/2012 | 03:55 AM
That was ... shameful you've won alot laterly but loosing to Roddicked just erased that....
03/27/2012 | 03:53 AM
Roger told you it wouldnt be enough if you kept producing those unforced errors that you didnt show at Indian Wells. Well done Andy Rodick though. But dont worry, I am sure you will be No1 again by the end of the year
03/27/2012 | 12:58 AM
Good luck Roger!! :D