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A tube station with Roger's|name

02.04.2012 | Off Court, Starseite 3

In celebration of the Olympic Games in London 2012, the names of 361 tube stations will be changed to carry the names of Olympic athletes. Roger will have his own stop near the city centre. "Roger Federer" will be one of the stops on the black line, the so-called Northern Line and will replace the normal stop "Old Street".

Athletes like Lionel Messi, Samuel Eto'o, Usain Bolt, Fabian Cancellara, Carl Lewis, Michael Jordan and Muhammad Ali will be honoured with their own tube station stops during the Olympics this summer.

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07/30/2012 | 07:34 AM
It is honor to see your name on one of the tube station at London OLympics. and also i came accross an article that you got one street in Germany under you name plus an stamp in AUstria. Roger, being the greatest palyer of all times deserve this great achievements..Tke care go for gold medal....
07/23/2012 | 11:24 AM
Well deserved like always....
07/13/2012 | 09:38 AM
one of the many accolades you are yet to achieve and many more to come not just city street names... stamps - you have already. maybe a town in basel named after you? or wimbledon's centre court?
07/10/2012 | 02:59 PM
roger you just a great player and you deserved it go rogerrr <3 <3
07/10/2012 | 07:27 AM
we like you very much all sportsmen!
07/09/2012 | 06:17 PM
Dearest CHAMPION,Roger
The words are not enough to describe the emotion seeing you at Wimbledon yesterday victorious, receiving your trofey.
Congratulations,great champion! You deserve that and more.
All the best to you, Mirka and your precious twins.
06/21/2012 | 09:55 AM
Good mornning. Hello.
I am looking forward to London.
Maybe I will go to see the Roger Federer station or I want to the map paper.
05/10/2012 | 08:54 PM
It's a magnificent map - not sure yet where to show it off.
05/04/2012 | 03:06 PM
wow Roger!!!
u ROCK as always!!!
love u loads..
keep winning
05/04/2012 | 02:24 PM
What an honor O GREAT ONE to have your name on a station in my home town,i don't live there anymore but my heart is still there.Good luck for the rest of the season,be lucky and stay well x
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