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A tube station with Roger's|name

02.04.2012 | Off Court, Starseite 3

In celebration of the Olympic Games in London 2012, the names of 361 tube stations will be changed to carry the names of Olympic athletes. Roger will have his own stop near the city centre. "Roger Federer" will be one of the stops on the black line, the so-called Northern Line and will replace the normal stop "Old Street".

Athletes like Lionel Messi, Samuel Eto'o, Usain Bolt, Fabian Cancellara, Carl Lewis, Michael Jordan and Muhammad Ali will be honoured with their own tube station stops during the Olympics this summer.

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04/10/2012 | 11:06 PM
that's the less they can do for a legend like you my Dear
04/10/2012 | 07:42 PM
Rafa defend points in Montecarlo, you NO, is a good oportunity to close the diference. Please think about it and play Montecarlo
04/10/2012 | 07:36 PM
Roger please play Montecarlo, you only needs 900 points to be 2nd in the ranking again, and all you can sum help you to recover the number 1 this year.
04/10/2012 | 03:07 PM
go for the gold :)
04/10/2012 | 01:04 PM
so inspiring, go roger!!!
04/10/2012 | 12:52 PM
You deserve it Roger! all the best!
04/10/2012 | 12:52 PM
You deserve it Roger! all the best!
04/09/2012 | 11:27 PM
happy anniversary roger and mirka. not sure of wedding date but easter 2009 was when you got married i believe. 3 yrs 2 kids, boy how time flies. we love you both and myla and charlene too. hope you all had a happy easter. looking forward to your next tournament.
04/09/2012 | 01:31 PM
haha!! Im going to London in May. Looking forward to check this out... It's all so cool :)
04/09/2012 | 04:19 AM

How you spent time with your girls today? Watch them picking up eggs?! Enjoy some quality time with your family.

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