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Foundation: annual report

17.04.2012 | Starseite 3, Foundation

Dear Fans

The Roger Federer Foundation has made major developments over the last year. I'd like to invite you to learn more on my Foundation and the work we do, so it is my pleasure to offer you the 2011 annual report to download. I'm looking forward to your comments - every kind of feedback is valuable to us as it helps us further improve our work. Furthermore, I'd like to send out a heartfelt thank you to all those of you who have supported the Foundation with small and also large contributions.

Your Roger


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04/18/2012 | 07:26 PM
So well defined and thought out, this Roger Federer Foundation. It is focused, and not scattered. I am glad that it is providing, sport, and education for children. It is a highly worthy cause, and its so fitting that you are the one who started it, and is the ongoing inspiration and head of it, along with your professional team. Thanks also to your Mother Lynette who had inspired you, and no doubt, your Faher Robert. (It is also shows integrity that you are not doing this for your own glory!)
04/18/2012 | 07:11 PM
Very nice Roger!!! It helps very much. Don't stop it! GO ROGER!!! GO!!!
04/18/2012 | 06:57 PM
Dear Roger, I´m impressed by all the achievements your foundation got in the last year, I know how hard and how much work it requires due I work in an organization with similar goals, vision, mission and values, also projects and programs. I would love to have more Rogers in this side of the world because education is a key for development of our towns and countries... God bless you Roger for being the difference in the life of those children and also in the life of all your fans! blessings!!
04/18/2012 | 06:20 PM
Great job Rog, hope you to reach all of your goals in the different aspects of your life, i have a question though, how can we help, aside from donations, how can us, the fans from different parts of the world lift a finger to help, we'll be very happy to be involved in your foundation, best wishes for the future...........with my love
04/18/2012 | 04:21 PM
Hi Rog,

May God Bless you & your Lovely Family with the Best in everything! Also my very best wishes to your foundation for the priceless service rendered. The whole Universe blessings & prayers will be always with your family! I would also wish to do my bit for your foundation in the near future! Well Done Rog!
04/18/2012 | 11:58 AM
Hi Roger
Great Job from Great Man , may God bless you and your family

See you soon
04/18/2012 | 07:18 AM
Tell me,I will forget.
Show me,I might remember.
Involve me,I will understand.

"I am tomorrow's future."
Education enables children to take control of their future and Actively shape it.
(RF Foundation)

You and your foundation are doing Good work Roger,particularly with the view towards self or joint supportage.You have stayed committed since a young age,and helped many people,so I hope you derive much satisfaction from this part of your life as well.
04/18/2012 | 04:26 AM
Dearest Roger

Thank you for continuing to let us into to your life through your foundation . It really shows your fans how much you appreciate their support. Continue doing all that you can and you will be rewarded in kind.

And thank you for all that you do and have and will continue to accomplish through your great foundation.

Much love
Your biggest fan
04/18/2012 | 03:53 AM
Thanks Roger!!!
04/18/2012 | 01:51 AM
Bless you and your foundation for the great effort!! Keep up the good work.
You have given a new definition for tennis with your elegance and style of play and adding your foundation to provide similar touch to charity is a big motivation for RFans.
My small contributions to your foundation will always continue.
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