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Foundation: annual report

17.04.2012 | Starseite 3, Foundation

Dear Fans

The Roger Federer Foundation has made major developments over the last year. I'd like to invite you to learn more on my Foundation and the work we do, so it is my pleasure to offer you the 2011 annual report to download. I'm looking forward to your comments - every kind of feedback is valuable to us as it helps us further improve our work. Furthermore, I'd like to send out a heartfelt thank you to all those of you who have supported the Foundation with small and also large contributions.

Your Roger


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04/17/2012 | 07:26 PM
Great job, roger & the rest of the RF foundation! If I had the same resources, education is also what I'd like to help less privileged children achieve. My friends & I (all architects) have been discussing about extending our services to design/ renovate schools here in Manila to provide children w/ better educational facilities. Hopefully, in our own little way,we can help them. I'm also hoping to see the schools under your foundation if I get to visit S. Africa.You are really an inspiration!
04/17/2012 | 06:49 PM
Thank you, Roger for making a difference in the world. You are a hero on and off the court.
04/17/2012 | 06:22 PM
Thank you for great work, Roger!
04/17/2012 | 05:17 PM
Thank you Roger!
Just read the annual report. I am so impressed by the great professionalism and dedications that Roger Federer Foundation has shown and demonstrated. There are so many children have benefited from the Foundation's support. It is also very touching to see the happy kids in the pictures.
It is truly Great work lead by a Great person!
04/17/2012 | 05:03 PM
☆An exemplary work, real and concrete, very important even for all these children, also a role model for so many other entrepreneurs around the world. Are you an athlete and a person who arouses admiration not only for his incomparable talent but mainly because his character and honesty. ☆

04/17/2012 | 04:28 PM
Reading the report, one thing is certain. You do bring about CHANGE. Positively. To countless many whose lives you touch. And when this is done by a charismatic genius on the tennis court wielding a magic racquet - the delight is double!
I don't know if you believe in God or some kind of supreme being - but if there is some common spiritual cord between us, that will spur me to say - God bless you!
04/17/2012 | 03:55 PM
Good Job Roger! Keep it up!

All best from Albania!
04/17/2012 | 02:57 PM
I think Roger's Foundation is a great thing, not only in my opinion, in Roger's too. He loves help people in need, and this is the solution. You can see a great sportsman in and out the court: Roger is one of them. I think he does it not for money, for became popular, but only for help. When he wins a tournament he have luch with ballboys and he pay for all. That's just incredible. Roger the best of all times.
04/17/2012 | 01:46 PM
I made sure to read from start to finish the whole report and I can tell that you just surprise me every day. Not because you're famous and rich you have to donate, to help. And we know all the love you have for this cause, for this foundation. In addition to an exceptional player, you're a human being unique.
04/17/2012 | 10:40 AM
Welcome roger
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