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Making of Jura Video

22.04.2012 | Off Court, Starseite 1

Looking forward to the JURA commercial. Have a look at the making-of. Will show you the final result on Tuesday.

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04/23/2012 | 04:35 AM
Hope see you in action soon...
04/23/2012 | 04:35 AM
Hope see you in action soon...
04/23/2012 | 03:01 AM
You look so good.
04/23/2012 | 02:57 AM
Wow.....I can't wait to see the finals of the Jura's commercial. Stay healthy and can't wait to see you play. Take care
04/23/2012 | 01:13 AM
All your commercials are very nice Champ!!!!
Roger and Mirka: Congratulations for Myla and Charlene!! They look adooorable!!
We miss you a lot!!!
04/22/2012 | 07:38 PM
☆ Super interesting to commercial production, great to see the making off. It should be very good this coffee, because everything comes from ROGER FEDERER is of high quality and high level. Best wishes to our great Lion!!! ☆ :)
04/22/2012 | 07:36 PM

Who cares what Nadal says? Everyone in the world knows that Nadal's injuries are special. It may become a word in the dictionary like "one of those Nadal's injuries" where a player plays even better when injured. Of course he utters nice words but continues to exhibit gamesmanship on court. He can not be compared to our great Roger. Our Champ is a different class and we enjoy watching his game irrespective of the result. Hey Champ, stay healthy and prepare well.
04/22/2012 | 07:03 PM
Very Nice!!!
04/22/2012 | 05:50 PM
Wonderful! Can't wait for the actual commercial!
04/22/2012 | 05:17 PM
rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrroger my dear pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaas do so so so oso hard exersize roger roooland garoooos on way roger this year is sos osoooooooooo important forget comersial and .....just do soooo hard evry dary ura servis ure bakand ..............................roger practiz to send ure enemy in game hard balll so so hard balll and it need to u practiiiiz so so so hard roger go on the god with u..our mean milllons fans heart withe u so go on tanks
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