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Roger withdraws from Paris

30.10.2006 | Tennis

Roger decided today that he will not participate in the Masters Series tournament in Paris. Throughout this last period, Roger competed in three tournaments in less than a month, playing each one through to the final and even taking home every single title, costing him a lot of energy.


 “I have played 90 matches this year and feel exhausted physically as well as mentally. I have thus had to decide to pull out of the tournament in Paris, as I do not want to take any risks regarding my health. The whole tournament in Basel has been a great, but also emotionally draining experience. This has played a strong role in taking my decision. I am really sorry and would like to apologise to the tournament organisers and all of you fans. I hope to see you in Shanghai!”

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11/01/2006 | 07:34 PM
R O G I !!!
Reading the comments, i think everyone here supports your decission skipping Paris. We were all concerned because after playing (and winning of course) so much u r obvoius exhasuted, even you can beat the others players very quicly.
I really
11/01/2006 | 06:14 PM
hi ROG.
u made a good decision in pulling out. Coz i would have been disappointed if u had contested and had a replay of the cincinatti tournament when u were knocked out by Andy Murray because u had not rested. and another thing u have made it possible
11/01/2006 | 05:51 PM
Hi Roger,
Good Decision. Waiting to see you full of energy at Shangai.
11/01/2006 | 04:51 PM
Hai fatto benissimo caro Rogerissimo a non andare a Parigi, ti aspettiamo a Shanghai anche se sarà dura non vederti fino al 12 novembre e poi fino a gennaio....Per il momento a presto.....baciotti
11/01/2006 | 04:48 PM
Hai Roger...........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Du bist ...ich habe keinen waerten fuer dir...
Ich sprache nicht gut deutsch, ich habe nur in der Schule studiert aber ich wuensche mit dir sprechen.
Ist es moeglich deinen Videos und deine biografie italienisch kaufe
11/01/2006 | 04:02 PM
Roger-Just take some time & relax. See you in Shanghai!
11/01/2006 | 02:36 PM
Enjoy your time off Rogi, your quality time with your dear ones and charge batteries for Shanghai. I guess Mirka and yourself will have time to do some home decor inspired in the exquisite japanese taste :)
11/01/2006 | 02:36 PM
My hero Roger, :)

recharge yours batteries and then win a victory against Masters Cup Shanghai!!!
and...I’m looking forward to seeing you in Seoul!!!!!!!! *^_________________^*
(I had a hard time to get a good seat;;; in the Hyundaicard super match.)
11/01/2006 | 02:12 PM
Dear Roger,

A very wise decision. Your health and well-being are of prime importance.

Have a well earned rest before Shanghai. The tournament is televised here in the UK, so I am looking forward to seeing you playing there and lifting the Masters
11/01/2006 | 01:01 PM
Great decision! I respect you so much more!!!!!
Congrats for winning in Basel!!!!!!!Can't wait to see you in Shanghai!!!!!!!!!! Best of luck there!!!!!!!!!