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Roger withdraws from Paris

30.10.2006 | Tennis

Roger decided today that he will not participate in the Masters Series tournament in Paris. Throughout this last period, Roger competed in three tournaments in less than a month, playing each one through to the final and even taking home every single title, costing him a lot of energy.


 “I have played 90 matches this year and feel exhausted physically as well as mentally. I have thus had to decide to pull out of the tournament in Paris, as I do not want to take any risks regarding my health. The whole tournament in Basel has been a great, but also emotionally draining experience. This has played a strong role in taking my decision. I am really sorry and would like to apologise to the tournament organisers and all of you fans. I hope to see you in Shanghai!”

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11/01/2006 | 12:04 PM
Hi fans,

you have probably heard this already but how good would having the master's cup held in london be can you imagine the place holds 80 thousand people all cheering for roger (or is that just me wishing that) What do you think fans?

Love to yo
11/01/2006 | 10:56 AM
Wise decision,Roger. Always listen to your body,mind and emotion. Don't get burnt out.
Take well deserved rest,observe yoga,meditation and pranayam. All the best

Yours medical practitioner
11/01/2006 | 08:31 AM

I am very sad!!!!!!!!!!!!! because i used to see u winning every week, but either i want u to get rest and prepare yourself to the incoming tuornaments and take care of your health

11/01/2006 | 08:22 AM
Roger, your are ranked No. 1 and in my opinion
will some day retire as "best ever". Therefore, I suggest you play all the Slams, all the Masters and and a couple of other tournaments. A last minute drop out of a Masters is plain wrong.
11/01/2006 | 06:04 AM
Ple'z take care ya' heathly
U will be Champion in Shanghai. Cheer up !!!!!!!!!!
11/01/2006 | 05:16 AM
its a wise decision congrats, looking forward on your marter cup journey
11/01/2006 | 04:23 AM
It's really a good and tough decision to make, but I'm still proud of you Roger. Hope you could promote tennis in the Philippines. Take care of your health so you could win more grandslams.
11/01/2006 | 03:54 AM
Roger there is no need to apologize at all, we know how much you have worked we all just are grateful to see you happy & Healthy. Also to stay that way of course! I'll miss seeing u play in Paris but just want u to be well & Healthy. Good decison have a
11/01/2006 | 03:47 AM
Dear Roger,

Smart idea to withdraw from Paris, you want to be as physically and mentally prepared for Shanghai as possible. You have played absolutely amazing the past month and completely deserve a rest. Congrats on winning in your hometown, I know it
11/01/2006 | 03:00 AM
This is to yngwiefan96: don't feel too badly - wouldn't you rather see roger win shanghai? That would be greatly compromised if he had to play Paris - You'll see him win again don't worry