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Roger withdraws from Paris

30.10.2006 | Tennis

Roger decided today that he will not participate in the Masters Series tournament in Paris. Throughout this last period, Roger competed in three tournaments in less than a month, playing each one through to the final and even taking home every single title, costing him a lot of energy.


 “I have played 90 matches this year and feel exhausted physically as well as mentally. I have thus had to decide to pull out of the tournament in Paris, as I do not want to take any risks regarding my health. The whole tournament in Basel has been a great, but also emotionally draining experience. This has played a strong role in taking my decision. I am really sorry and would like to apologise to the tournament organisers and all of you fans. I hope to see you in Shanghai!”

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10/31/2006 | 06:42 PM
Good decision Roger! After this I 've started liking u even more..U are not just a great athlete, but a very sensible person as well.. We wud rather not see u playing in Paris than to see u over stress urself..
Like someone said "You are the only Roger w
10/31/2006 | 06:32 PM
Oh Roger... I feel it to much because you are my top player at 2006 ATP Fantasy Tennis Season... and you could give me much earnings... and my team was get higher at it ranking... but for you health, I accept you decision... I wait you in Sangai!!!
10/31/2006 | 06:32 PM
"You're the only Roger Federer we have!" Well said.

Like everyone else, I sighed with relief when I heard the news. Please continue to take care of your health and look to the future.
10/31/2006 | 06:00 PM
u a so tired this period of time, so ,take care! roger
hope u get your first title in Shanghai as well!
10/31/2006 | 04:59 PM
I trust your decision.
Take care of your health.
With love
10/31/2006 | 04:40 PM
Roger...you are the Man!!!!...Will continue to be the Man....good judgement call about Paris...All the bestjavascript:submitFormComment();
10/31/2006 | 04:40 PM
Dear Roger,
I was a little shocked to learn that you withdraw from paris BUT i was VERY surpriced to see you in the initial draw as well. I couldn't bealeve that you were going to play it !!!.
So, i as a fan, dont want you jepardizing the masters cup,
10/31/2006 | 04:02 PM
Dear Roger.
I understand you feeling tired. You deserve a rest. Enjoy your home , your family ,your friends.
Take care of yourself and Mirka. We love her , she is great too.
10/31/2006 | 03:45 PM
Think it's very wise from you Roger.
And we support you 100%.
Hope you have a good well deserved rest

10/31/2006 | 03:32 PM

I can understand why you feel so exhausted.
Roger, take good care of yourself, i hope two weeks are enough for you..... but if not so, take all the time you need for yourself, your healt is more important then anyting.

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