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Stopped by Djokovic

19.05.2012 | Tennis, Starseite 2

Roger's quest for back-to-back claycourt titles was ended by a 2-6, 6-7(4) defeat in the semi-final in Rome against Novak Djokovic.

Roger was broken twice in the opening set in their first encounter since the US Open last year. Roger was constantly under pressure and could not keep up with Djokovic's pace in the rallies. After falling a break back in the second set as well, Roger started to play more aggressively, varying his game and broke back after saving a match point. But in the following tie-break, Djokovic made the crucial points to win the match and book a spot in the final against Rafael Nadal.

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05/20/2012 | 08:36 PM
Dear Rogerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr,

It's a test that you failed, but thank God, you are blessed with the wisdom to know how to develop a strategy. Your biggest problem is that you throw loose balls at the young generation of wild players. You better sharpen your accuracy, please and don't waste your chances with unforced errors galore!!! Cheers!!!
05/20/2012 | 08:30 PM
Dear Roger,

Sorry you lost this one. Novak played very well & it seemed like you took until the end of the second set to really get into your groove. You almost took it to 3 sets, then who knows what would have happened.

Look, you made the semi-finals of an event that only a few day ago you weren't even sure how fit you'd be for... good job!

Rest a bit now & get good to go for RG. Looking forward to seeing you do great in Paris!

Best regards to you and your lovely family ~ Cheers!
05/20/2012 | 07:46 PM
You clearly still have the goods, Roger, and a joy to watch. Just relax and the UEs will melt away.

[Ugh. Just biding time now, through what promises to be another painfully slo-o-o-w final.]
05/20/2012 | 07:37 PM
Never mind champ! In my opnion the most important moment in the match was the end of the second set when you showed a tremendous mental strengh!! Very pround of you! You are my exemple of life. thnak you!
Best regards.
Love you and your beautiful family
05/20/2012 | 07:36 PM
Sorry you lost Roger,you have been playing so well,you will do better at Roland garos ,best of luck ,love sandi & to your family.
05/20/2012 | 07:13 PM
Well, perhaps its time for your body to have some rest before RG. You've played plenty of tennis already... Wish you all the best for your preparations. May you achieve greater success in Paris!!
05/20/2012 | 06:57 PM
Djokovic was at his best and you weren't. Perfect no. of winners, Net points won but way too many unforced errors. It's fine. Atleast u will get some much needed rest before the French open. You can definitely beat Djokovic there whether u r @ your best or not. Best of luck for the French Open. I am sure u can go all the way and win the title.
05/20/2012 | 06:55 PM
You're like medicine or like vitamine for millions of people around the world; you are the reason of life. We don't mind if you're Nr. 1 or Nr. 10. Please keep playing, enjoy toying with most of the players, enjoy as well demanding matches.

I wish you health, happiness, another Slam, a Gold Medal in next Olympic Games and at least 2 weeks as Nr. 1.

05/20/2012 | 06:55 PM
The best 3 of the world are playing the best tennis ever. No one can always win. A little moment of lack of concentration, a bit of good or bad luck, a bit of too much risk or not enough courage, etc. all these things are making the difference nowadays.

Tennistically you 3 are sublime. From the human side, the personality, the carisma, the tennis style you're the best.

05/20/2012 | 06:49 PM
Too many unforced errors, otherwise the statistics were in your favour. Also with Raonic I thought you should play on his body. You played away and that favoured him. Still THE KING