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Stopped by Djokovic

19.05.2012 | Tennis, Starseite 2

Roger's quest for back-to-back claycourt titles was ended by a 2-6, 6-7(4) defeat in the semi-final in Rome against Novak Djokovic.

Roger was broken twice in the opening set in their first encounter since the US Open last year. Roger was constantly under pressure and could not keep up with Djokovic's pace in the rallies. After falling a break back in the second set as well, Roger started to play more aggressively, varying his game and broke back after saving a match point. But in the following tie-break, Djokovic made the crucial points to win the match and book a spot in the final against Rafael Nadal.

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05/21/2012 | 03:44 PM
roger: People are amking a big fuzz of you going back to the third seed. The reality is that for being A champ in RG you will have to beat them all, ad the best part is that you are able to beat them all. Last year luck was not on your side against Rafa. SaturdaY your serve wasnt on your side against Nole. In paris, with one week of rest and your hips recovered you will win the itle, just be patient and if the game is thpugh wait for the rivals mistke. Always cheering for the perennial # 1.
05/21/2012 | 03:26 PM

That's why it could be better to lower those great expectations every time
when Federer is playing.
05/21/2012 | 03:10 PM
..it was a good match, you played very well, but it was obviously that it was not your play style.., it was missing something.... it was boring watching something like table tennis... that's why I don't like watching Nadal or Djokovic playing tennis... nothing special, nothing interesting, just who is hitting the ball stronger... I don't to see you playing only something like this... you're more then that !
..keep on Roger, you can be again number 1 !
05/21/2012 | 03:09 PM
This is for SEETHARAM
Roger is still the greatest and always will be,no one will ever match what he has acheived,sadly though like everyone Roger is getting older and his wins won't be so easy to get,there are a lot of excellent young men out there and they are bound to take their place at the top sooner or later.I'm sure like you we all get frustrated when the great one loses,but lets enjoy his games,he will still be up there in the top four and quite likely he could win another slam.
05/21/2012 | 02:53 PM
Pete Sempras on Roger. Every thing is said here.


Coming soon on The Tennis Space: Pete Sampras on how Roger Federer needs to approach his matches with Rafael Nadal.
05/21/2012 | 01:51 PM
It's not Your fault that before the semi-finals You had weak opponents so that the level of Your game was not as good as Djoković's. But still, You ARE the greatest, and I know that, before the end of the season, You can be back on the 1st place on the atp list. C'mON Roger! It was a true pleasure watching You dance on the court, and the fact that I got Your autograph - it's priceless! :))

Sending love from Belgrade,
Yours truly huge fan Irena.
05/21/2012 | 01:22 PM
It's such a shame.I don't know if you ever read these comments or not I just wanted to say that you were once the greatest player and almost invincible.Djokovic used to be a second fiddle to you.Looking at your videos from the past I can say that you are playing like the shadow of once federer losing to djokovic isner and struggling against berdych and many more.I don't know what happened to you over the years think how long has it been since you won a slam.please think about it.
05/21/2012 | 01:22 PM
As a fan of yours I don't want to see you losing all the time and get humiliated in front of the world.Please come back strong
05/21/2012 | 01:10 PM
You were awesome Roger, enjoy the week with Mirka & the girls, know you'll come back strong for RG! 16 slams & counting ;)
05/21/2012 | 12:50 PM
No Problem at all ROGER..u r champ..show your bounce backability yet again...Roland Garros is your's only fpr 2012.