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A dream come true

07.11.2006 | Tennis

Dear fans,


As you can see I have had the privilege of meeting and playing some tennis with one of the greatest legends of our sport: Björn Borg! I have always been interested in the history of the game and his is certainly a name you come across very often in this regard. So it was a dream come true for me to spend around an hour on the court with Björn.

Upon my stay in Dubai on my way to Shanghai, I saw that a senior exhibition called ‘The legends rock Dubai’ was being held. Björn Borg was there along with John McEnroe, Mansour Bahrami and others. I asked him if he would like to play some tennis with me and it was terrific!


The tournament in Shanghai is moving closer rather rapidly. It’s great to have prepared for the Masters Cup quietly in Dubai. I’m looking forward to this year’s final challenge!


Speak to you soon,




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11/07/2006 | 06:47 PM
Well done Roger; It would be fantastic for me to see you playing with Stefan Edberg, maybe one of the last players who express elegance as you do.
11/07/2006 | 06:29 PM
It is great to see you got to play tennis with one of your idols!!! That makes me feel great that you are having such a great time in Dubai. I hope you go out with a big band in Shanghai!!!! ONE MORE WIN BABE!!!!! and go out with a fantastic r
11/07/2006 | 06:21 PM
Hope you showed Björn new tricks in tennis! Good luck and enjoy Shanghai.
11/07/2006 | 06:16 PM
That is so cool, Roger! Bjorn was the player who first got me interested in tennis. When he retired, I was a bit lost. I never thought I would enjoy another tennis player like I did Bjorn. Until YOU that is!

I'm so glad you got to experience anothe
11/07/2006 | 06:15 PM
Hey Roger, nice to here from you, nice picture of two greats Borg and You . All the best in shanghai. Stay healthy love suz
11/07/2006 | 05:32 PM
Hey Roger,
It's nice to know you're having a good time here in Dubai, I wish I could meet you. Hopefully I can see you when you came again in few months to play in the Dubai open.
Have a great time and good luck in Shanghai,
Take care,
Reem from Dubai
11/07/2006 | 05:28 PM
Dear Roger,

What a great photo of you and Bjorn! I'm glad that you had this opportunity, as it means a lot to you. You look rested and well---I am delighted that you are going into Shanghai in such good health and spirits. YOU'RE THE MAN, ROG!!! I'
11/07/2006 | 05:13 PM

This is very nice from you, my two best players are you and Borg, you actually share some type of the same personality.

Best luck in Shangai
11/07/2006 | 04:19 PM
wow dats juz so kooool!!! U urself is a champion n playin wid another champion is even better. I m sure u enjoyed playin with Borg. How very interestin..bein able to play with a legend of history is juz fantastic. I m so glad...n its even sweeter to share
11/07/2006 | 03:56 PM
it's great and i'm so happy for you and i think that you deserve everything that happens to you... but by the way he is lucky too because you are one of the biggest players... anyway i wish you the best and we are waiting for you in shanghai