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Roland Garros

26.05.2012 | Tennis, Starseite 3

Greetings from Paris! I'm looking forward to my first match here on Monday.

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05/27/2012 | 03:21 AM
All the best for your first match in Paris, it´s the same but I prefer black socks,I
know you will decide the best as always.Good luck!!!
05/27/2012 | 02:45 AM
Hi roger Thank you for sharing this video with us.I'll always be cheering for you irrespective of the outcome of the matches.Good luck for FO.Bye
05/27/2012 | 02:41 AM
Dios quiera y la santisima virgen que le vaya bien en el ROLAND GARROS, mucha concentracion y paciencia para saber sobreponerse si se encuentra ante la adversidad. mucha suerte.
05/27/2012 | 02:40 AM
Bienvenue à Paris, Roger !!!
Enjoy the beautiful city and play with your heart !
Bonne chance !!!
05/27/2012 | 02:30 AM
Hi, Rog, always great to hear from you. Good luck on Monday. As for the socks. either one is good.
05/27/2012 | 02:21 AM
1-My beautiful wonderful Roger!!! :D What a beautiful present! Thank you for this video! You make me so happy with all the great things you share. You're so kind and sweet!

Oh Roger honestly if you get any more handsome my heart is going to come out of chest. Unbelievable!

Hope you're enjoying a nice time in Paris you go from one pretty place to the other, how great.
05/27/2012 | 02:20 AM
2-About the socks I made a little drawing to see which color looks better and considering that your whole outfit is dark, definitely the black socks and you have the contrast with all little green details. It's just common sense is like if you're wearing a dark suit you wouldn't wear white socks with it right, you'll wear dark as well, it's the same, so. But you know wear whatever you want you look beautiful anyway, you could even get away with green socks.
05/27/2012 | 02:20 AM
3-Again all the best for Roland Garros, have lots of patience, self-esteem and enthusiasm! You have all my love, my support and my best energy!

Take care have fun!

I love you Roger…

:D xoxoxoxoxo
05/27/2012 | 01:43 AM
☆Ah!I like more the white socks ... You look gorgeous in blue!!! :)
All the best to first match on Monday!!! ☆
05/27/2012 | 01:14 AM
Hi champion!!!

☆Play your tennis brilliant and wonderful that enchants the world. Have a great week!!! ☆

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