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Roger sits out Davis Cup

07.11.2006 | Tennis

Roger has opted not to represent Switzerland in the opening round of the Davis Cup (February 09 to 11, 2007). He wants to focus on retaining his position as number one in the world rankings, and is thus concentrating on other events.


"Winning the Davis Cup is too big and too important a goal just to try it when it is not the top priority," Roger said. The Swiss federation obviously understands Roger’s decision, but nevertheless regrets it.


Futhermore, it is now official that the encounter will take place in Geneva in the Palexpo hall, just like the last three rounds.



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02/11/2007 | 12:02 AM
hey "Muthu" & "Agassifan" & to the rest of you who are critical of roger's decision to skip davis cup's first round:

why should roger make it his priority to "carry" the swiss team? there are other players who could use the chance to assert their own s
02/10/2007 | 10:25 PM
Dear Roger,

Message no. 2 : So we would have loved to see you this time at Palexpo Geneva, as we did last October. Of course, the risk of being wounded is not to be downplayed, but this risk will always be around you and would exist wherever you would
02/10/2007 | 09:59 PM
Dear Roger,

Message No. 1 :

At first, it seemed to me, and probably to many of your fans, that your decision to give Davis Cup Swiss-Spain a miss was justified. Nobody has the right to question any of your decsions or to criticize you for that rea
02/07/2007 | 11:28 PM
In time you will win the Davis Cup for your country and people will see that your current decision was accurate, good luck in the rest of the season and congratulations for an excellent beginning in 2007
02/07/2007 | 10:05 PM
You are playing for the history where nobody is arrived before you... I can understand you and also I can understand the unhappy swiss fan...
This is the year Roger: Australian Open+Roland Garros+Wimbledon+Us Open... It will be for us, for you, for the h
02/06/2007 | 07:47 AM
Nothing is impossible to you. You are a great player at all times. Good Luck to all your games esp. Grand Slams.. May the best of yours win. :-)
02/04/2007 | 07:27 AM
This is a smart move, because it will allow you to have some time to train and enjoy your yourself.
02/01/2007 | 03:13 AM
Hi Roger

Some people think or belive you are not playing Davis Cup this time as you do not want to meet Nadal on these type of games, while you are your own boss, everybody should respect your decision, hope Swiss team to beat Spain.
01/31/2007 | 01:57 AM
hI Roger,i'm Flor a hugeee fN, ARGENTINE FAN, and i wanted you to participate in the davis cup because if your teem reaches the final and argentina does too maybe you'll paly here and i would be able to MEET YOUUUU!!!! but nevertheless you're right , you
01/29/2007 | 11:09 PM

Wir brauchen Sie für davis Tasse. Unsere schweizerische Mannschaft wird das gleiche ohne Sie nicht sein. Aber Sie haben gute Logik für nicht spielend und ist froh Sie an Weltnr. 1
Phil Strässle werden bleiben
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