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Roger battles through

01.06.2012 | Tennis, Starseite 1

Roger fought a few ups and downs against Nicolas Mahut today, eventually booking a spot in the round of the last 16 with a 6-3, 4-6, 6-2, 7-5 win.

Roger made an excellent start, breezing through the opening set. In the second, Mahut converted his first break point in the 10th game to take the set. Roger reacted right away, taking the next set easily after a first break in the third game. Seemingly on course, Roger then took a slight detour in the final set after saving a break point in the sixth game to then secure a break himself straight after - only for Mahut to break back. But Roger wrapped everything up with one more break and a final solid service game. 

In round four at Roland Garros, Roger will meet David Goffin (ATP 109) for the first time. The Belgian entered the draw as a "Lucky Loser".

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06/03/2012 | 08:05 AM
Congratulations Roger!
06/03/2012 | 07:35 AM
Winning points,sets, games isn't always about Roger [or whoever] as there is ALWAYS the other player--the latter can play well.Mahut played very well and obviously enjoyed being on centre court playing the match of his life against Roger Federer.
Wishing you all of the very best against David Goffin--not only a lucky loser but a lucky man to be playing you in the 4th round of a GS
Kindest regards
06/03/2012 | 07:25 AM
Hello Roger
What a wonderful match which we enjoyed so much. Congratulations for winning it.
Many of us play /watch sport for the excitement [and hopefully win]--it is what, IMO ,we need in tennis at the moment. There were some amazing points from both players yesterday--you played as well as Nicolas allowed you to as he did a good job of taking away your rhythm by playing clever tennis.However, Roger was up to changing pace, strokes,angles,creating shots [as Pat Rafter said you do]
06/03/2012 | 05:57 AM
I just read about DAVID GOFFIN, AND I WAS PRETTY IMPRESSED. You'll have to be xtra careful with him and fight from the first set to the last ball. He is good, likes to rush the net, READS THE OPPONENT VERY WELL, etc. etc.

May you be strong, patient, always positive and, in general , ON YOUR GUARD AT ALL TIMES.

May you received GOD"S blessings and beat your new opponent. No merci, no free points.

Bonne chance, Roger
Love you.
06/03/2012 | 05:32 AM
Roger I love you…
06/03/2012 | 02:48 AM
Even an admirer will come out full of fighting spirit, inspired by your very example, andeven if they are a bit overwlmed at first. Thiyoung one already has some matches here, so he won't be overcome by the sheer size of the event.. Therefore, he might be unpredictable, as you know. Keep a sharp eye out, and snuff any erratic play to get you out of your rhythm and speed of play. Godbless, and good luck! No give, no mercy, no letting save face for anybody, please!
06/03/2012 | 02:04 AM
What a lovely match! Well done both, and good luck dear Roger in the next round, love you!
06/03/2012 | 01:50 AM
Loved the match with Mahut it's good for you to have some errors once in awhile then you know what you should work on and watch out for you opponent to get too far ahead. loved listening to John McEnroe talk about you I agree with him that you are the most outstanding player he has ever seen. One of your pics against mahut was a perfect ballet move you are so graceful.
06/03/2012 | 01:15 AM
Good luck Roger for yr today's match :)..Do well..

Just now, saw Roger's practice video of today's match & Roger looked sharp & Im sure, he will do well ..

here is the video from today's practice -----

06/03/2012 | 01:07 AM
It's not amusing, when the FO organisators program your match at more or less the same time than Stan's one.

Of course I will watch yours and I really don't want to see a fratricidal fight next round, so I'm wishing only you good luck!

D. Goffin was enough times LUCKY now, so it's time for him to realise his 2nd title ;-)