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Quarters in Paris

03.06.2012 | Tennis, Starseite 1

Roger came from a set down to beat "Lucky Loser" David Goffin (ATP 109) 5-7, 7-5, 6-2, 6-4 in the round of the last 16 at the French Open today.

"David has played an extraordinary tournament," Roger said in an interview after the match. "I congratulate him from the bottom of my heart."

Roger had a rough start into the match as the youngster played fresh and confident to take the first set. Roger only managed his first break towards the end of the second set, levelling in sets and giving our champ some room. Roger then found his rhythm and was not in any further trouble from there on.
Roger will now either meet Juan Martin del Potro (ATP 9) or Tomas Berdych (ATP 7) in the quarter-finals.

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06/10/2012 | 01:22 PM
Hi Rog, I believe that you are the best overall the history , you Know why because all your victories coming from a neutral gift , neutral skills , I saw you all this time you was doing it easily, the different between you and the two other nadal & nole only you give more respect to your competitors and forgetting your self and who you was , who you are , all others doing it by fighting playing and only you by skills, please fed. because of us your fans give us new hope and fighet little bit
06/05/2012 | 08:57 PM
..sorry for Tsonga, he is a good player, Djokovic was again very lucky, but you can beat him like you did it last year, good luck Roger !
06/05/2012 | 08:42 PM
Dear Roger, you dit it, after 5 sets in semifinal!!! Despite of the two sets down, I was sure of your confidence, determination, strength and intelligence to turn off the match. I am very glad about it. Take a rest, recharge your energy and be ready to fight again as a gladiator. Maestro, you are the best, go for your 17th. Grand Slam. I wish you best luck against Djokovic. Come on, Go, Go, Go.
06/05/2012 | 08:07 PM
..great victory against Del Potro, go on Roger, see you on final !
06/05/2012 | 07:59 PM
Bravo Bravo Bravo for hanging on and bringing the victory home!!! Couldn't see the match but the score but I guess the awakening happened right in time!!! Bravo and thank you again!!! The war is on, the warrior is ready!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
06/05/2012 | 07:59 PM
A big apology from me Roger. I had a bad feel about this match and when you went down 2 sets, it confirmed my instincts! Your last 3 sets were pure, vintage, Rogi! What an amazing thing to see, you were wonderful the way you played and fought back. You were at your most stubborn and determined best. Sheer delight to watch. I want lots more like that Roger, I am hoping you can keep in that frame of mind. Relax and rest well, I want to see you win your 17th ! Good luck for Friday. You can win !
06/05/2012 | 07:54 PM
Great Heart & Determination the best tennis you have played at RG so far - get that 1st serve firing . come on
06/05/2012 | 07:51 PM
Dear Roger
Congratulations! You won a difficult, tough match! Your next opponent, whoever will be you have to win! You are the best!Just keep playing well and win!
Wish you all the best and good luck dearest Roger!
Go, Roger, goooooooooooo!
Love, Mimi
06/05/2012 | 07:47 PM
Woohoo - you really hung tough out there today and used your brain to outwit JMDP. Really proud of you to hold on like that. Rest up now until the semi but don't think you're going to be facing JW unfortunately. WAY TO GO ROG!!!!!! Loads of love to you, your family, your team and Fed fans worldwide. xxxxx
06/05/2012 | 07:45 PM
Great Fight back Roger,against a tough fighter too.You did some wonderful and clever shots!:D Well done,again,to reach final four.Best of luck for the weekend,be well,and ALLEZ! ALLEZ!
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