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Roger in semis after |five-set thriller

05.06.2012 | Tennis, Starseite 1

Roger came back from two sets down to win his quarter-final match against Juan Martin Del Porto 3-6, 6-7(4), 6-2, 6-0, 6-3 today to reach his record-tying 31st Grand Slam semi-final.

"I knew Juan Martin's knee was bothering him and was trying to finish the rallies quickly," said Roger. "I knew it would be a big fight today."

Roger did not seem in form in the opening set, simply committing too many errors. In the second set, he found into the game but eventually dropped the set in the tie-breaker (4-7). Then, he shifted another gear and started the third set with an early break when Del Potro double-faulted. After that, del Potro seemed to be struggling with a knee injury, his ability to move becoming gradually worse. Roger later converted his second match ball after 3:14 hours secure a spot in the semis - where he will play Novak Djokovic.

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06/09/2012 | 08:36 PM
Salam Roger,i saw ur match with Djokovic.U started the match very well & i was hoping that u will definitely win it.But at the end of 1st set & 2nd set i got upset bcoz u were not playing that level of game which is ur level & standard.Roger plz do not pay attention on any type of negative opinion view or comment.work hard & try ur best to win the next tournament.i m always praying 4 ur success.May Allah shower His blessings on u(Ameen)
06/08/2012 | 08:14 PM
And his game is not so good anymore because he is older. That is sad, but true, and of course normal. I am not mad at him. I say such things because it is sad when he lose a match against Nadal and Djoko. Their game is such a boring stuff. I dont know how somebody can watch that crap. i will not watch final, thats for sure, not because I hate them. I dont hate them, their game is boring.
06/08/2012 | 08:13 PM
Dear Roger .... reaching semifinal is also quite remarkable ... there are just few points in the end of each of the first two sets which made these gone the other way. Other than that, today, your shot selection was a little bit average as compared to your standards & u were not coming to net often. I feel Nadal is biting the trophy day after tomorrow again. But anyway, its over. Let's go full throttle for the grass season. This is THE CHANCE for your 17th as well as the no. 1 ranking. Good Luck
06/08/2012 | 08:10 PM
And I always look the beauty of the game. I am not interested in for example, from which country player is, how he looks like, what is he saying and all that crap. For me, tennis is already gone, because Roger is not winning grand slams.
06/08/2012 | 08:07 PM
Look ADI. I am first who will not watch tennis when Federer retire. I am not watchiing tennis a couple of months, maybe one or two years, becausei t is so boring. I only watcf finals of the tournaments where Roger won, of course, after the match is over, not live. I watch tennis for 26 years, and I play it for about 22. I started to play it because of Edberg. After him, tennis was boring to me till Federer showed up. These are the only two players that were, are and will be interesting to me.
06/08/2012 | 08:03 PM
Guys, please send a link with Federer's interview, I can't watch the site, I am too sad..
06/08/2012 | 07:58 PM
2 years ago when robin soldering beat roger at rolland garros at quater final is also after rain
06/08/2012 | 07:50 PM
Tuna, Federer has everything to win again, he needs only mental, if he gets that he will win Wimbledon. I will see Federer winning wimbledon and US, I was realistic and I've said that Federer will not win here wiht these conditions...
06/08/2012 | 07:46 PM
Tuna4444, understand that: if Federer retires, tennis is gone, GONE!! I tried to watch Nadal, I didn't see anything...
06/08/2012 | 07:44 PM
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