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Out against Djokovic

08.06.2012 | Tennis, Starseite 2

Roger suffered a 4-6, 5-7, 3-6 loss against Novak Djokovic in the semi-final of the French Open today.

"I was actually feeling particularly well in the second set, and that one hurts the most to lose," Roger said. "In the third, I don't know, I just wasn't able to put a good game together anymore. You're down two sets to nothing against Novak and it's not the same match anymore. He goes for broke and has no fear and that's about it."

Roger had a good start by breaking Djokovic early in the first set but receiving the re-break in return. Djokovic secured the first set with yet another break. In the second, Roger broke Djokovic again for a 3-0 lead but the world no. 1 took 13 of the next 18 games, constantly putting Roger under pressure. In the third set, Djokovic piled up four breaks to eventually seal his victory after 2:05 hours. 

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06/11/2012 | 03:39 AM
everytime you played you always gave your 100% and we are always believed in you...and thats for sure... you are the inspiration to any one of us..thanks being around idol!^_^
06/11/2012 | 03:39 AM
waiting fr nearly 2 yrs to c u lift a grand slam come on fed do it in ur most fav way THE WIMBLEDON
06/11/2012 | 03:35 AM
Well said, Hughsie. I wish Roger has the time to read these comments and will be surprised how many fans loved him.
I agreed with Hughsie that Roger is the best tennis player for the century. With the natural skill and knowledge how to win over his opponent. Yes, he did raise his level of tennis because with his passion with the game and his big role as a father to the twins. Also applaud Mirka's responsibilities as a wife and a mother. God Bless you
06/11/2012 | 03:35 AM
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06/11/2012 | 02:29 AM
Personally, as a tennis player and as a chronic fan of Roger [and tennis]for ALL of his career I am more than happy with Roger and his game. To observe him play through many generations of players AND adjust to the game itself as it has changed during his time, fills me with an enormous amount of pride for him.He will ALWAYS have my full support.
06/11/2012 | 02:20 AM
in a thousand ways.I accept that neither he, nor inded anyone else will win every time that they step onto the court although for many years Roger did so before mononucleosis halted his great run NOT another tennis player!
To those who comment on unforced errors --why not read Roger's commets re these, other players have done so as well including Mark Woodford during this RG. The question that these CHAMPIONS continually ask How and why is an unforced error is decided? Interesting.
06/11/2012 | 02:10 AM
Roger the Best
Thank you for your posts --a 'true' fan of Roger--like myself and some others on this site.
It appears very little thought has been given to Roger's hip injury post Madrid [now OK our GREAT champion tells us] Perhaps there was a little niggle/soreness there during the SF which MAY have been the reason that he his serve was not quite up to his lofty standards.Perhaps he played cautiously We will never know BUT does it matter that we do not do so.Roger is a great champion
06/11/2012 | 01:56 AM
Does anybody know how we can watch Halle in the UK? It's not being shown on SKy sports or Eurosports or espn or even on tennis tv.com. Is it being televised only in Germany ??
06/11/2012 | 01:54 AM
Our beloved Feds is better off without this wretched Final, cursed as it is by incessant rain! The Gods are not happy to see either Rafa or Novak win this and prolonging their agony as much as possible!!! I too, am supporting Nadal for the first time, bec I don't want to see Djokovic win all FOur, he will bec even more insufferable! If Djokovic gets this grand slam, it will be bec the weakling Nadal has been beaten by him in 4 consecutive slams! This has never happened in living memory!
06/11/2012 | 01:46 AM
All the best for the new season Roger!!!! Thank you for make semifinals in R.G.!!!
Good luck Ro!!!! Good luck in Halle!!!! Go, Ro!!!!