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Gerry Weber Open 2012

11.06.2012 | Tennis, Starseite 1

After the end of the clay season it is finally time for the green surface! Especially with the Olympics coming up - on the holy lawn in Wimbledon - this year's grass season is certainly a highlight in Roger's career. He will compete in the Gerry Weber Open in Halle this week.

After a first round bye, Roger either plays Germany's Florian Meyer (ATP 35) or America's Tim Smyczek (ATP 206). In the quarter-finals, our champ could then meet Canada's Milos Raonic (ATP 22). A possible semi-final against Alexander Dolgopolow (ATP 19) could then be the last step before a final clash with Rafael Nadal.

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06/12/2012 | 04:51 PM
PS *rogerpete25* Good point - I'm hoping that after his efforts at RG Nadal might pull out or have dodgy knees(!) as someone suggested just to give Rog an easier time, but that's wishful thinking again! It all comes down to how well he is and feels. Nadal has only won against Federer once on grass (in 2008 when Fed still had mono) but he will be full of confidence no doubt after RG. In the lap of the gods.
06/12/2012 | 04:33 PM
I looked at the figures again and they're wrong! Maths not strong point. Forgot to add extra points to Djoko for getting to final RG. The others weren't right either.I think it goes: Djokovic 11,680; Rog 11,060 and Nadal 10,560 if Rog wins and they go out in SF. Djoko would have to go out in QF for Rog to get No.1. But I don't think they add points til later in year. Lot of ifs, but let's keep fingers crossed! Hail to our champ.
06/12/2012 | 03:37 PM
Usually a lock when Federer plays here. Now Nadal is playing after several years abscence and also a strong Berdych. Will be a test if Roger can win the title.
06/12/2012 | 02:51 PM
*Jimmichan* I added 250 to Fed's current ranking points for Halle (which he missed last year) if he wins that. Taking off points from last year (Fed will only lose 500 as went to QF) it would be possible if Djoko and Nadal were both knocked out in SF. Then it would be Rog on 11810, Djoko on 11180 and Nadal 9560. I've prob.got it wrong though, it's a bit complicated. Let's hope our champ is fully fit, that's what counts, and to see him play beautiful tennis on grass. Can't wait, love to Rog,xxxxx
06/12/2012 | 02:44 PM
because Rafa and Djokovic will lost points and RF will gain points
but RF has to win in Wimbledon, and Djokoivc has to lost in semi NO MATTER WHAT. otherwise, we need wait until US open or futher end of year.
Crossing fingers and hope he wins !
06/12/2012 | 02:41 PM
I'm not saying that Rafa would not play in Wimbledon. I read the news and He suffered in both knees during the FO. so He could not good a performance in Wimbledon. No matter what Djokovic must lost a game in semi at least.
and RF must win. when it happens,RF will be no.1
Last year,at Wimbledon, Rafa was no.1 in draws.
and no.1 and no.4 seeds was same group and no.2 and no.3 was same group.
so if Rafa would not play well, It is possible right?
06/12/2012 | 02:23 PM
Roger great to see you back on the grass.
06/12/2012 | 02:07 PM
Great that Roger is back on the grass. Wish we could see it here, but cheering him on as always.
06/12/2012 | 01:33 PM
Roger has to win the title and Djoke out maximum in QF
06/12/2012 | 01:28 PM
Hi Roger cant watch Halle because we dont get it here in Wales but good luck to you I hope you win. love you always Helen xxxxxx