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Gerry Weber Open 2012

11.06.2012 | Tennis, Starseite 1

After the end of the clay season it is finally time for the green surface! Especially with the Olympics coming up - on the holy lawn in Wimbledon - this year's grass season is certainly a highlight in Roger's career. He will compete in the Gerry Weber Open in Halle this week.

After a first round bye, Roger either plays Germany's Florian Meyer (ATP 35) or America's Tim Smyczek (ATP 206). In the quarter-finals, our champ could then meet Canada's Milos Raonic (ATP 22). A possible semi-final against Alexander Dolgopolow (ATP 19) could then be the last step before a final clash with Rafael Nadal.

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06/12/2012 | 07:35 PM
Sigue deleitándonos con tú juego,versus la mediocridad que impera en el tenis actual.En España se te admira.Ojala llége el 17 en WB.
06/12/2012 | 06:35 PM
tennis player who is still reaching SFs of grand slams should retire -what message does that send to tennis players who are still striving to get into top 20, 10 or 5? That they should not bother because no hope? He loves the game, he and family love the tour and he will finish when he's ready. He's set high standards and I for one believe he can still get those big trophies. It's always been tough, he just made it look easy, just like his beautiful shots of his. No one will ever take his place.
06/12/2012 | 06:28 PM
Go go gO Roger
i love you
06/12/2012 | 06:26 PM
*rogerpete25* It's true some of us might take an over optimistic attitude to Roger's possibility of success, but yours is excessively gloomy. There are many players who would like to beat Roger for the defeats suffered at his hands - Roddick is obsessive about this. But Nadal has defeated Roger (albeit mostly on clay) more than Roger has him. Roger has said he's feeling good and if he is, the other players should watch out, inc. top few; he's snapping at their heels. How can you suggest that a
06/12/2012 | 06:11 PM
rogerpete25...I don't believe what I'm reading in your post !!! Roger only needs 270 points to bypass Nadal and regain the #2 ranking. Roger has 4 titleS in 2012 with more to come. Roger isn't going anywhere except to more victories...
06/12/2012 | 05:58 PM
I believe Nadal feels a greater satisfaction beating Roger to make up for the early years when Roger beat him (but not on clay). Nadal is 5 or 6 years younger and Nadal will have several opportunites to beat him, especially if the rankings stay the same. I would think this would also frustrate Roger. I think Roger should consider retirement if the remainder of the year plays out badly for him (meaning losing at Wimbledon, Olympics, US Open). The other tournaments do not count in the big picture.
06/12/2012 | 05:15 PM
Just read that Roger has said he is fully fit - just where he wants to be - and feeling fresher and more relaxed than ever. Such good news - that's what we want to hear! We love, love, love you and the tennis you play.
06/12/2012 | 05:06 PM
Good luck, Roger.VAMOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
06/12/2012 | 05:05 PM
06/12/2012 | 05:04 PM
If I could play tennis like Roger...I ate Nadal every macht....even on Clay...