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Quarters in Halle

14.06.2012 | Tennis, Starseite 1

Roger made a good start into the Gerry Weber Open by defeating Florian Mayer 6-4, 7-5 in just 74 minutes today.

"I'm very happy with the way things went today. I obviously knew playing against Mayer in the first round was going to be tricky," he said.

Roger showed solid tennis today, having to defend just one single breakball - with a service winner. He will meet Milos Raonic (ATP 21) in the quarter-finals. It is already the third time this year that the two meet, Roger won both previous encounters, but dropped a set in each of them.

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06/15/2012 | 07:47 AM
Dearest Roger,
Love to see you play on grass!Good Luck in your next match!
06/15/2012 | 07:38 AM
Good match, Roger.
Next Raonic ... Go and get him!
Good luck.
06/15/2012 | 07:37 AM
Good start in Halle! Now don't go dropping a set to Raonic again. Make it short and SWEEEEEEEEEEEET! All the best.
06/15/2012 | 07:21 AM
All the best against Raonic, I´ll be rooting for you!!!
06/15/2012 | 06:12 AM
"Sensational movement from Federer,just glides around the court like Fred Astaire..very smooth..a lot of grace.." etc(commentator).
Well done Roger,a good match with wonderful shots/points,and many slow-motion action replays which so well depict that beautiful natural gracefulness alluded to,and very lovely to watch.Glad that you are happy with how this tricky match went today,and hope that you'll be happy again with another tomorrow.Best of luck Roger,have a great match:D
06/15/2012 | 05:27 AM
All the best tomorrow!!!
06/15/2012 | 05:18 AM
Yukimi, no need to be unhappy with one, as HEARTOFTHE MATTER says, unknowledgeable about tennis. No need for that guy to apologize to Roger, that guy is even not qualified for making an apology.
06/15/2012 | 05:14 AM
**YUKIMI, you said it well. "Tennisluvah" is unknowledgeable about tennis, tournaments, etc., and is here only to display this. I wonder who he is cheering for: I can guess. One like he is, at least beneath the skin. He should go and encourage whichever groaner and moaner and batsman he wants, rather than here, the site of the great, Greatest Federer!
06/15/2012 | 05:08 AM
Great play and tactics, Roger! Mayer played well, but important points, you were always ready. The grass is worn to the ground at, in front of, and behind baseline! Tempt the next server, and use your variety, pace, and your own serve. Provide no comfort: you can confound him when it counts, and use your different levels. No breathing room for him, if you can manage. You looked so smooth and effective on the court. Have your decision, and how to reach it, in your heart, and intuitive reflexes.
06/15/2012 | 04:31 AM
I could not see the game today, but from a distance, I sent my best wishes and good vibes to you. The same for tomorrow. Beware dear Roger and enjoy the tournament.
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