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Roger loses Halle final

17.06.2012 | Tennis, Starseite 3

Roger lost today's final in Halle against Tommy Haas 6-7(5), 4-6.

"I'm very impressed with how he played today," Roger said. "Tommy deserved to win."

Roger started perfectly well, securing an early break and even heading for a double-break. But then suddenly things changed and our champ had to fight off first set-points at 4-5. In the tie-breaker, Roger fell behind again and Haas eventually took it with a two-point lead after 50 minutes of play.
In the second set Roger's serve was broken at 4-4, giving Haas the possibility to serve out the match - which he then did.

Roger only previous final loss in Halle was in 2010, when he lost to Lleyton Hewitt.

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06/21/2012 | 10:54 AM
Jodoug: read Wertheim's comments. Yes, good to read someone who does actually seem to know what he's talking about. I don't think he was actually saying that he thought Rog would win though unless there is another one that I didn't see. I thought he was leaning towards Nadal who's new-found confidence and determination of late would give him the edge. But Roger is still better on grass if he's at his best.
06/21/2012 | 02:40 AM
a bit of a surprise. but if you had to lose i couldn't think of a better guy and a guy who really needed a win. you have 7 titles since last USO. for tommy it's been 3yrs. he is 34 and his time is short. now he will have what he wanted a picture and trophy to show his daughter when she is old enough to understand. back to you, we expect nothing less than a win at wimby and return to #1. john werthiem also expects you to win. he said everyone thinks novak will win. but he thinks roger will.
06/21/2012 | 12:14 AM
*vibhuism* it would be a good idea if you stopped putting your useless websites up on this site. Stupidly I did look once or twice to find nothing but rubbish. Apart from anything, as far as I know Rog was not intending to get to Wimbledon until Thursday. So if anyone else on this site is tempted to bother, don't waste your time. If you glance through you will see he puts them up every time he posts. Really annoying.
06/20/2012 | 08:38 PM
Just now, saw pics of Roger in London :)... ---- http://www.rogerfedererfans.com/forum/topic/399-exclusive-photos-of-roger-federer-and-mirka-federer-taken-at-london-england/

Good luck for wimbledon, do well roger :)
06/20/2012 | 07:15 PM
I like the fact that you voiced "... Tommy deserved to win". You played a strong tournament. kt
06/20/2012 | 05:51 PM

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06/20/2012 | 04:44 PM
Hello Roger,

I'm sorry that I speak English a little
no matter what you lost in Halle
good luck in Wimbledon!
06/20/2012 | 12:42 PM
you lose on grass court,grass king
06/20/2012 | 09:17 AM
Hello Roger,

Congratulations on reaching the final. Though the outcome was a surprise, it still is a wonderful achievement, and warm up to Wimbledon.

Good luck on your next match at Wimbledon.

06/20/2012 | 07:14 AM
And now off to some elegant whites and the glory of Wimbledon!
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