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Roger loses Halle final

17.06.2012 | Tennis, Starseite 3

Roger lost today's final in Halle against Tommy Haas 6-7(5), 4-6.

"I'm very impressed with how he played today," Roger said. "Tommy deserved to win."

Roger started perfectly well, securing an early break and even heading for a double-break. But then suddenly things changed and our champ had to fight off first set-points at 4-5. In the tie-breaker, Roger fell behind again and Haas eventually took it with a two-point lead after 50 minutes of play.
In the second set Roger's serve was broken at 4-4, giving Haas the possibility to serve out the match - which he then did.

Roger only previous final loss in Halle was in 2010, when he lost to Lleyton Hewitt.

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06/18/2012 | 12:30 PM
it's alright if you didn't got the 7th trophy... just grab the 7th title in wimbledon and everything will be fade off... :)
06/18/2012 | 12:27 PM
You are making way too many unforced errors and losing matches rather than an opponent outplaying you. Rather worryingly, these are coming from your powerful wing, the forehand. These errors cost you against Nadal at the Australian Open, Djokovic at the French Open and yesterday against Haas. It seems as though your best shot starts breaking down when under pressure. I do not see a lot of hope for you at Wimbledon if you continue playing like this. Show more fight and determination.
06/18/2012 | 12:27 PM
After the SF on Saturday I experienced how it is to wait in the queue for over an hour to get a glimpse of you signing autographs for your fans. And we were rewarded for our waiting, because as always you took your time to give as many as possible. I myself didn't get an autograph, because I didn't even try to get one. I was only there to watch you doing what I had seen on pictures and video's made by other fans on the forum many times before. And it was worth it. You were so patient.
06/18/2012 | 12:23 PM
I watched you play a superb match against Youzhny from an even better seat. You were so much at ease on that center court and you hardly missed a ball and almost every stroke you made was unbelievable beautifull. I admired your movement on the court, the different types of spin you used in your serves and the way you managed to be ready and in position for every ball. This was tennis heaven for all the spectators. And everybody loves you in Halle, clearly happy to have you back.
06/18/2012 | 12:22 PM
I am so sorry you lost Roger, and after such a perfect start as well. I did not see the match, so cannot comment, but I gather Tommy played well. He must have done to beat you on grass! Halle was a warm up tournament for you so I presume you are happy enough that you did get to the final, which is an achievement in itself. I hope you are fit and healthy and you are not hiding any injuries from us, that would be very sad at this stage of this year if you had an injury. Have a good rest, get fit !
06/18/2012 | 12:19 PM
Hello Roger,
On Friday and Saturday I was there in Halle and watched the matches, not only yours but also the others and from very close behind the baseline as well. Best seats I ever had. I was able to watch the match from almost the player's perspective, sitting right behind the receiving or serving player. So I experienced the bullets Milos Raonic fired at you and was amazed by the fact that you were able to even get your racquet behind them and return them.
06/18/2012 | 11:22 AM
Roger may be the GOAT, but he's a human being as well. I think it's a good tournament for Roger, it's more like a warm-up and practice tournament instead of hunger, intense, winning tournament. So it's really ok for Roger to get extra time and more importantly he can learn what he can do better play at his back yard - Wimbledon.

Come on, Roger, best of luck at Wimbledon!
06/18/2012 | 10:38 AM
And Tommy had the crowd on his side being German. This was a spec on the radar.
06/18/2012 | 10:37 AM
Give Roger a BREAK! Come ON. Tommy played outstandingly well, and Roger can't win them ALL. It was a good warm up for Wimbledon. Some of the people on this site need to get a grip. Love ya Roger.
06/18/2012 | 10:36 AM
Sorry to result...Tell your friends and your life “Congratulations!!!”