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Roger loses Halle final

17.06.2012 | Tennis, Starseite 3

Roger lost today's final in Halle against Tommy Haas 6-7(5), 4-6.

"I'm very impressed with how he played today," Roger said. "Tommy deserved to win."

Roger started perfectly well, securing an early break and even heading for a double-break. But then suddenly things changed and our champ had to fight off first set-points at 4-5. In the tie-breaker, Roger fell behind again and Haas eventually took it with a two-point lead after 50 minutes of play.
In the second set Roger's serve was broken at 4-4, giving Haas the possibility to serve out the match - which he then did.

Roger only previous final loss in Halle was in 2010, when he lost to Lleyton Hewitt.

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06/18/2012 | 07:51 AM
@Prajji, Roger is still the best, the most talented and versatile player ever. Djokovic and Nadal style of playing is base-line banging followed by interminable delays for the next serve. D and N will both be lucky if they are still on tour at age 30. Roger often seems not to take opponents seriously until it's too late. That's part of his style, to make things interesting, too. Roger is still a great champion... many, many, many, many times over. You can't take that away from him.
06/18/2012 | 07:46 AM
I just feel so attached to you. I am so sad and depressed. I just don't know why. You live quietly with me in my heart. You bring me joy and you bring me sadness. I feel.
06/18/2012 | 07:44 AM
Roger, por favor no hagas caso de los malos comentarios. Adelante, a pensar en Wimbledon y las Olimpiadas. Tu eres y seras el mejor de la historia. Aun hay muchos torneos que ganaras. Recibe mi buena vibra desde el lugar mas hermoso de la tierra La Paz, Baja Califonia Sur. Mexico.
06/18/2012 | 07:30 AM
Milkica...read again my comment, I defended Federer :)...
06/18/2012 | 07:27 AM
ROFL Once called the invincible, today is not even a champ thats how the time
changes. RIP Roger Your game is no longer enough to win a Grand Slam. I think it is not ur fault ppl and media made u god out of nothing, look now when real players like Rafa and Djoko came u r no where. Not even able to cope with their game, i pitty you. Surely you cannot be called GOAT. You were lucky thats it, now ur luck has gone by :(
06/18/2012 | 07:20 AM
Congrats on making it to yet another final. All the more reason now to not underestimate anyone in the draw. Bring the best of your Halle experience with you to Wimbledon. See you in London!
06/18/2012 | 06:53 AM
Dear Rogerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr,

It is most likely that you will disappoint your fans, although you've had a good winning streak. The fact is that you are no longer as reliable as you were in the past. It only shows that you are physically wearing down a bit. Also, you wait for opportunities which don't come to you as early as you want them to. You'd better cut short of every thing that you are good at, and focus on shot making.
06/18/2012 | 06:46 AM
personally i was so badly disappointed yesterday!
but then i gave it a though, to figure out that this loss is nothing
after losing RG final on 2011, federer won 7 titles the least in ranking was 500 tournaments ! also 3 masters & ATP finals, actually if federer have to lose in a final, then let it be a 250 tournament
i wrote on apiece of paper that federer is going to win wimbledon 2012 if god will allow, i concentrate & attract this dream since maybe 3 weeks , do it folks it helps
06/18/2012 | 06:36 AM
Always Impressed this impressed that. You can't even win a 250 ATP tournamnet right now. No Nadal and D.jokovic. That was a nice chance to get more confidence! and get ready of Wimbledon and Olypmic! However, you ruinned it again. This is grass! You used to be king of grass. Now, you lost to Tommy on grass at a 250 atp tournament. I couldn't believe it.
Good luck to you in Wimbledon and Olympic. all of us want to see you get at least one more Grandslam title!!!!!!! go! Concentration!
06/18/2012 | 06:14 AM
This is Tommy Haas first ATP won after 10 years because he had a lot of injuries before. I'm glad Roger come to the final at Halle. Take a lot of rest and be prepared at Wimbledon and Olympic.
Happy Father's day