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Roger loses Halle final

17.06.2012 | Tennis, Starseite 3

Roger lost today's final in Halle against Tommy Haas 6-7(5), 4-6.

"I'm very impressed with how he played today," Roger said. "Tommy deserved to win."

Roger started perfectly well, securing an early break and even heading for a double-break. But then suddenly things changed and our champ had to fight off first set-points at 4-5. In the tie-breaker, Roger fell behind again and Haas eventually took it with a two-point lead after 50 minutes of play.
In the second set Roger's serve was broken at 4-4, giving Haas the possibility to serve out the match - which he then did.

Roger only previous final loss in Halle was in 2010, when he lost to Lleyton Hewitt.

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06/18/2012 | 03:36 PM
champion8688*...really, then stop writing nonsense!
06/18/2012 | 03:31 PM
champion8688*....remember this comment: Nadal and Djokovic will not be in semis at Wimbledon, (maybe Nadal will be, because he has too much luck).
06/18/2012 | 03:26 PM
hope u play good in winbeldon
and face big guns well
06/18/2012 | 03:20 PM
Haas beat berdych in quarters,Fed dint play bat his best,but this is an acceptable defeat,Haas played betr than him and also Haas being an excellent Grass court player,then the support frm home crowd,sum mistakes frm Roger here and there.One break of serve,such thins r enough to lose in a fast grass court like Halle!Wimbledon is slower,more towards Roger and other top players,but Rog can play well hwver fast the courts r,makin him the GOAT!
06/18/2012 | 03:16 PM
*champion8688*, what are you doing here? What about Nadal, he lost to a guy who was defeated by the, how you called him: "to a mediocre 34-year-old Tommy Hass", what means that?
06/18/2012 | 03:12 PM
I don't know why was deleted my comment! I only said that *Prajji_Neo* once was a baby, now is an idiot. This is not my fault, this is nature fault. Pls, read his comment from "06/18/2012 | 07:27 AM" and you will see, pls don't delete my comments when I say the truth...
06/18/2012 | 03:11 PM
Thank you Roger for a wonderful tournament you gave us in Halle..sooo beautiful your tennis in grass, your movements are awasome!!!
You are unique!!
Great final, you lost it, and your friend Tommy won, and you said it, he deserve to win it. Hope in Wimbledon you have the better luck :)
Rest well...I'll miss you this week.

PD: KITTYTHECAT, so sorry for your lost, my prayers for you and your family.
06/18/2012 | 03:07 PM
it is just disappointing, but not more than that..... ok it was disappointing & worrisome losing in RG final , US semi with 2 MPs ,but here ... it's just disappointing ..... federer knows this loss has nothing to do with mentality or motivation . no doubts or concerns coming to wimbledon ... it is how federer dealing with the situation
06/18/2012 | 02:50 PM
Dear *kittythecat* , So sorry to hear about your mum. That is so awful for you.
Listen up people, Rog losing in the final to a very fine player (who's had plenty of rest and was feeling great - after all he beat Berdych who is no mean player on grass!), is nothing compared to someone losing their mum. It certainly should put things into perspective.
06/18/2012 | 02:21 PM

I dont like this! You must to win this tipe of matches! Hall could you loose for someone in 80 ranking position?
Please, traine this backhand and first service.