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Roger loses Halle final

17.06.2012 | Tennis, Starseite 3

Roger lost today's final in Halle against Tommy Haas 6-7(5), 4-6.

"I'm very impressed with how he played today," Roger said. "Tommy deserved to win."

Roger started perfectly well, securing an early break and even heading for a double-break. But then suddenly things changed and our champ had to fight off first set-points at 4-5. In the tie-breaker, Roger fell behind again and Haas eventually took it with a two-point lead after 50 minutes of play.
In the second set Roger's serve was broken at 4-4, giving Haas the possibility to serve out the match - which he then did.

Roger only previous final loss in Halle was in 2010, when he lost to Lleyton Hewitt.

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06/18/2012 | 01:49 PM
Too bad Roger, but Tommy did play well. Most important, get some R&R before Wimbledon. Hope any aches and pains melt away this week!
06/18/2012 | 01:42 PM
I was so sorry that you lost but I did say that Tommy was playing very well.I hope that you do better in you next match at Wimbledon come on Roger you know you cando better.love Helen xxxxx
06/18/2012 | 01:33 PM
Dear Roger,
Hope you can put this setback to the back of your mind and focus well on your preparation for Wimbledon and the Olympics. Wishing you absolutely every success in the next month - I will be rooting for you 100%! xx
06/18/2012 | 01:18 PM
Well, you gave it your best shot. Watching the highlights, I am more concern about your fall on the slippery grass in the second set. It is such an important time of the year with Wimbledon and the Olympics. Best of luck in the weeks ahead.

With you always.

P.S. My mum passed away last night. Gutted.
06/18/2012 | 01:07 PM
Dear Roger so sorry you didnt win in the final and it seems that Tommy played a great match. However I still feel that you need to develop a Rafa/Novak trait of going for broke at times when say the first set with Tommy started to slip away and even in the second set. They have this capacity which often pays off although its more risky I guess. Its worth thinking about what did Tommy do differently to get back in the first set? did he go for broke?

All the best for Wimbledon.
06/18/2012 | 12:55 PM
Well, time to finish this. I hope you stay healthy and fit and that the gods will be with you at Wimbledon this year. It would be a victory for tennis if we could watch you lift that trophy once again. There is nothing more beautiful than Roger Federer playing tennis on a grass court at Wimbledon. May we be blessed to watch you make it all the way this year. I thank you for those wonderful matches in Halle and wish you all the very best preparation for next week.

06/18/2012 | 12:52 PM
that you feel well prepared to start your favourite tournament of the year. Of course I am a little sad that you lost and I am in a way glad that I didn't stay in Halle for the final but watched it at home on TV. I am sure the people in the Stadium had mixed feelings: they would have wanted you to win, but they wanted Tommy to win as well. It was nice to see you taking that loss so well and it must have made all the difference in the world that it was to one of your best friends.
06/18/2012 | 12:46 PM
Olympic challenge ahead of you, you were a little bit cautious and especially after you slipped behind the baseling didn't want to risk it all. But that is only guessing. I am sure that you were happy for Tommy, who deserved to win, but I am sure that you would have wanted that 6th title as well. It wasn't your day, apparently. Losing to a very good friend must have made things a little easier for you. I am sure you feel you have spent your time well in Halle and
06/18/2012 | 12:42 PM
a very good tournament. I agree with you that you shouldn't have lost that 1st set and by letting Tommy back into the set allowing him to break back after you almost made the double break shortly before that turned the match around. Tommy smelled his chance and started playing better and your level seemd to have dropped a little under the pressure Tommy put upon you. Your remark that Tommy maybe was the more inspired player in that match makes me think that with Wimbledon and the
06/18/2012 | 12:38 PM
I also watched Tommy Haas win against Tomas Berdych and saw how well Tommy was playing. Tommy is an excellent player, who is unlucky to have a body that doensn't seem to be built for topsport. Wouldn't he have so many injuries he we might have won a GS tournament or several. So I knew Tommy would be dangerous in the final. He already had some good results since his return after his hipsurgery and he had done very well in Paris the weeks before. I am sorry you lost, but you had