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Wimbledon – Rolex Rendezvous

22.06.2012 | Off Court, Starseite 2

I have played in every important tournament, but for me, there is no place like Wimbledon. Discover the anticipation behind my first appearance on center court against Pete Sampras, and how I felt the first time I won there; what I love most about Wimbledon, and what, in my opinion, makes this prestigious tennis event so special and unique.

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06/25/2012 | 03:03 AM
DIOS lo acompañe, lo bendiga y le regale la sabiduría necesaria para poder superar algún inconveniente que se le presente durante el torneo, usted es LA PERFECCION EN TODOS LOS SENTIDOS DE SU VIDA, eso lo sabemos todos, y por eso merece ganar muchos mas torneos, ANIMO!, POR QUE ESTAMOS ESPERANDO QUE NOS HAGA ESTREMECER DE EMOCION AL VERLO LEVANTAR NUEVAMENTE ESE TROFEO.
06/24/2012 | 08:07 PM
I love you Roger!
You're the only No.1.To me ATP ranking means nothing. The truth is what you mean to us and the world of tennis.You'll make HIStory Roger! You're the class, the prestige, the perfection, the magic, the miracle, the god of tennis!
Go Champ! Thrill us again! We believe in you and your peRFection. Allez Roger! Your turn to show off all that talent and supernatural power and extraordinary moves on the green court! YOU ARE TENNIS.
06/24/2012 | 07:34 PM
Nice Roger!
06/24/2012 | 03:03 PM
I loved this video! You were very, very handsome!
I wish you luck for the next Wimbledon!!
God bless you.
Suzana, from Brazil.
06/23/2012 | 09:30 PM
Absolutely wondeRFul Roger ! :-)
06/23/2012 | 02:59 PM
Great piece. Rolex is so lucky!
06/23/2012 | 01:07 PM
Perfect Roger
i love you and loveROLEX
06/23/2012 | 06:26 AM
Great video!!!!
You are the best
06/23/2012 | 05:29 AM
I couldn't agree more, Roger! There is, after all, a sense of history in Wimbledon, a long history.The setting is beautiful: the grass game is so glorious. (Let's have decent grass back, not "funny grass!) Rolex does stand for the perfection, precision and drive for excellence and elegance that Wimbledon provides--beyond the dedication and inspiration. I always loved your Rolex ads: especially one with the watch showing time while you play. Want it, in a casual way, but aiming at it-- X_7!
06/23/2012 | 01:13 AM
Yes I love Wimbledon too! Nothing like it! Great video as always the Rolex people making my heart race.

I want a rendezvous but with you (lol) Sorry, sorry. ;)

Oh Roger looking super handsome! As well on your training sessions. My Roger so beautiful always, love that self assurance!

Great duo no one represents quality better than you.

Thank you Rolex! :)
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