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Wimbledon – Rolex Rendezvous

22.06.2012 | Off Court, Starseite 2

I have played in every important tournament, but for me, there is no place like Wimbledon. Discover the anticipation behind my first appearance on center court against Pete Sampras, and how I felt the first time I won there; what I love most about Wimbledon, and what, in my opinion, makes this prestigious tennis event so special and unique.

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06/22/2012 | 11:43 PM
Nice video!!! I enjoy it. GOO ROGER!!! GOO!!!
06/22/2012 | 10:57 PM
Very classy :) I hope you make another Wimbledon Memory this year, getting your 7th Wimbledon and tying with your idol Pete.
C'mon Champ, this is YOUR year. I love you and I believe in you :) .
06/22/2012 | 09:06 PM
Cool Video Maestro ,, and awesome Memories we've been through together and we will waiting for your new 2012 Wimbledon title and i know isa you will do it ,, you have whatever it takes Maestro ,, so do it Champ and break your own Record :D love you and with you no matter what ,, bye the way you look awesome in the Video <3 so handsome as usual <3 see you soon Rogi :D
06/22/2012 | 09:01 PM
Wonderful memories! Good luck for this year's tournament. x
06/22/2012 | 06:06 PM
☆This is a very special tournament, great memories and emotions over the years you've been getting better and more pretty. Congratulations on everything, great example for thousands of children and adolescents in the world.☆
06/22/2012 | 04:56 PM
Great video - I remember those games vividly - it's when I first fell in love with your tennis - wonderful memories for you and for us. Can't wait to watch your elegant game on the centre court - there's nothing to match it. Love to the Champion of champions, xxxxxx
06/22/2012 | 04:44 PM
Lovely video, Roger ! a glimpse into your glorious past ...lest we forget !
You have given us so much joy, so much beauty and more yet to come !
We can't wait !!!
Love you always
06/22/2012 | 03:23 PM
lovely video roger...u luk so good in it
06/22/2012 | 02:44 PM
LOVELY ROGER!!!! As every thing you do!!!!! Congratulations for all your achievements, in and out court!!!!
Dear Champ: Best of luck for Wimbledon!!! My best, best wishes for you....with all my love!!! Go, Roger!!!! You deserve it and we´ll be supporting you as always!!!!!
06/22/2012 | 02:31 PM
Lovely interview, Roger, and we'll never tire of rewatching clips of your Wimbledon wins! Good luck on Monday. Love you.
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