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Every Rolex Tells a Story| – Rolex Rendezvous

05.07.2012 | Off Court, Starseite 3

Roger presents three pieces from his personal collection of Rolex watches. Each one of them has a special place in his heart. Whether a reminder of a milestone in his life or a personal achievement, Roger tells us what they represent for him, as a champion and as a man.

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07/07/2012 | 03:34 AM
Very nice collection and every watch has it's memory.
07/06/2012 | 11:24 PM
☆You should do a movie of cinema about his life and his brilliant tennis career showing to expand the world so that other children learn the correct path how is possible rise in life and get ahead with work, talent and dedication. Congratulations on everything!!! ☆
07/06/2012 | 11:20 PM
☆You're a great man, a great athlete, a great person, an example of honesty and of how can succeed in life and honored in the right way, in my country is full of corrupt would be wonderful if children and adolescents had more examples how you.☆
07/06/2012 | 08:53 PM
Very nice and interesting!!! You have so great watches!!! GOO ROGER!!! GOO!!!
07/06/2012 | 07:31 PM
07/06/2012 | 05:50 PM
Nice one, Roger!
07/06/2012 | 12:37 PM
Nice watches..... Break more records and add to d collection. All d best today, bring ur best tennis today.
07/06/2012 | 05:04 AM
love it!
I wish I could afford one of those watches.
Maybe one day :D
love ya and best of luck tomorrow!
07/06/2012 | 02:09 AM
every watch has a space in Roger's heart....
this is so sweet.

this year you will get a new one from Rolex.
07/05/2012 | 03:35 PM
I wish I was one of these watches !
Very Nice and Elegant
Soon you will get a new watch from Rolex
Fingers crossed
Go for the trophy
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