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7th title in Wimbledon

08.07.2012 | Tennis, Starseite 3

Roger won today’s Wimbledon final against Andy Murray 4-6, 7-5, 6-3, 6-4, capturing his 17th Grand Slam title and regaining the no. 1 spot in the world ranking!

"This is a magic moment for me." Roger said after the match, holding the trophy. "I couldn't be any happier. I had a tough time in the last years. This victory is just coming at the right time."

Roger equalled Pete Sampras' record at the All England Club with a seventh Wimbledon title. He also equalled another Sampras-record by regaining world no. 1 tomorrow: 286 weeks on top of the ATP world ranking. "This is unbelievable: Sampras is my hero", said Roger.

Murray had a better start and broke Roger in the first game of the first set. Roger made a lot of unforced errors and seemed a bit nervous. The second set was much more even. After the players returned from a rain interruption, Roger was unstoppable and converted his second match-ball after 3:24 hours of play. 

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07/10/2012 | 05:33 PM
GIreat match!!I'm so glad you get No.! again.
07/10/2012 | 05:10 PM
07/10/2012 | 04:44 PM
So glad I got to fulfill my ambition of seeing Roger play on Centre Court this year (against Benneteau) and that was in his great Wimbledon comeback too. Finally silenced all the naysayers and you've broken every record that counts, mind you, Olympic gold and the US Open would be nice, and both are highly possible now. Congratulations, perseverence is rewarded.
07/10/2012 | 04:35 PM
Hearty Congratulations, Roger. Thank you for the innumerable beautiful moments over all these years. Wishing you the very best for the future in general and for the Olympics and the US Open in particular. It's my dream to meet you one day.
07/10/2012 | 04:24 PM
Thank you for so much joy! That's all I can say. Eternal Thanksssssssssss.- ARGENTINA is happy and we are waiting for you at Dicember.-
07/10/2012 | 04:17 PM
Hopefully you last for years to come, I respect and admire the wonderful person you are, I congratulate you for everything you've accomplished, I am the most humble of your fans, I hope one day I can watching you play, thaks for everything.
07/10/2012 | 04:08 PM
Thank u for the special moments champ!!! I always believed and u made us all so happy:D:D:D.......I want one more US open now:)....Go Federer!!!!!
07/10/2012 | 03:31 PM
If i will achieve anything in my life i will come to meet Sir. I cant do this right now as i am in India and its not possible. I want to just feel that the legend to whom i saw only in pictures and videos how great he is really.
Two things i like most in this world one is you and another the girl to whom i love most in this world but she is not mine
07/10/2012 | 03:26 PM
Its takes 2 years, 5 months, 1 week(888 days) for the 17th slam
You are a history not greatest of the history in which other legends are greatest of the history
07/10/2012 | 03:12 PM
UN ENORME BRAVO ROGER !!! Que dire...il n'y a pas de mots pour qualifier la grandeur de ta performance, tu es tout simplement le plus grand champion que le tennis et même que le sport ait jamais eu, je suis tellement contente pour toi !!! Je la voulais tellement pour toi cette victoire, même si le pauvre Andy me faisait de la peine à la fin mais son tour viendra, en tout cas je l'espère pour lui...en attendant c'est à nouveau toi le ROI, longue vie au Roi Roger !!!!!